Merton & Sutton areas - parents and children warned to be vigilant following recent attempted child abductions near local schools

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LocalEditorMerton Sat 18-Jun-16 14:45:15

As reported in local - Wimbledon Local Guardian -, London - Evening Standard - and most recently, in the national press in this The Guardian article.

Parents (and their children) in South West London have been warned to be watchful, after local police received reports of several attempted child abductions (in both Merton and Sutton) since 7 June 2016.

HaydonWomble Wed 22-Jun-16 10:22:37

We had a very 'understated' letter from school which assumed all parents knew about the attempted abductions (which I don't think they all did!), so it caused a bit of alarm in some quarters.

Maybe time for some of those 'public information' announcements - via social media - to just remind children about 'stranger danger'.

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