Merton Park Primary School reviews?

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wimbledondesi Mon 09-May-16 10:03:01

Hi everyone,
My Son got accepted at Merton Park Primary School for nursery.
Wanted to know whether there are any mums out there who can give me any reviews? I know its outstanding, i am confused whether there are any nearby wrap around nurseries, he goes to wimbledon day nursery at the moment but its sad to part with them!
I hear some school allow u to attend few days a week out of the 5?

Thanks in advance!

womblemum19 Tue 10-May-16 12:22:04

My 2 used to attend MPP & I have spent a lot of time in the school as a volunteer. I know this will be controversial but they are not as good as they make out. The school is too concerned with keeping a good ofsted report. They proclaim to have zero bullying, but it happens, I have witnessed it, the school just ignores it because if it becomes official it will be included in the report. They currently have behaviour issues in some years, & the teachers are struggling to control behaviour in these classes, which means really poor learning for everyone else. Your child will be ok if they excel academically (from you pushing them) or is really behind, if they're doing just ok & hitting their targets they will be ignored.
Academically they will not get your child into a selective, this will only happen if you tutor your child privately from Year 4 (this has been confirmed to me by a high up staff member) this is regardless of how well the school's SATs results are. Having said all this...the school has a lovely feel to it, children are happy there, they enjoy going and having fun & generally they produce good, nice kids. However, if you don't take an active interest in your child at school, they won't bother.
Considering how competitive it is to get in, there must be a reason why parents start pulling their children out after a few years...
The local wrap around nursery has closed, but try the one on Dorset rd and the one on Kingston rd (near the end of mostyn), sorry can't remember the names. The school has some wrap around care but not for nursery age.

SweetPenelope Thu 12-May-16 20:34:04

My children are at Merton Park. It is a lovely, friendly school with very committed teachers.

It is true that you have to tutor if you want your children to go to selective secondary, but that is true of primary schools general. The curriculum isn't covered until end of year 6 and the exams are at the beginning of year 6. Going to a tutor doesn't guarantee exam success, but 5 children in this year's year 6 are going to grammar schools and a few going private. Usually 3-4 children get grammar places. These days a lot of boys go to Rutlish, because it is a good school now.

The behaviour is very good generally. There is one class with a behaviour problem, but a strict teacher this year has made a huge difference.

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