NEW - Introducing the 'Riverford Veg Pot' scheme to Merton (raise funds for your school PTA).

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LocalEditorMerton Wed 04-May-16 17:02:53

At Riverford Organic Farms we encourage links between the growing, cooking and eating of food. We believe that this is best done in communities and we think there is natural connection with schools where children learn about healthy eating, the environment and other food related issues. To recognise this, we have set up the Riverford Veg Pot scheme.

We’re unapologetic veg nerds who believe that good food, good farming and good business will make the world a happier place. Everything we do is rooted in our love of fresh, organic produce, and it’s taught us that small changes can make a huge difference.

Riverford is a mixed South Devon farm, owned by the Watson family since 1951. After returning home to the farm and starting to grow organic vegetables, Guy Watson delivered his first veg box in 1993. In the intervening years, we’ve added three more farms and collaborations with other growers to meet demand. This beautiful, rolling farm is a place that will simply change the way you eat, shop and cook, forever. It is a place that broke the mould over thirty years ago when Guy's father John began to question the sustainability of intensive farming practices

Guy and his four siblings are all now involved in various Riverford businesses – fired by a passion for good food instilled by their mother Gillian and a determination to break the supermarket stranglehold on quality and supply.

Joining Riverford’s Veg Pot scheme is a good, easy way for schools & nurseries to raise funds, introduce children to healthy eating and create a connection with where their food comes from. For each parent or staff member introduced via the scheme, Riverford will give the school £15.

Here is how the scheme works: we promote the scheme via a launch event (such as a school fair) or email to parents. Parents and teachers sign up for the scheme using the unique school ID, and for each new customer Riverford gives the school £15 & a cookbook for the parent. Should the parents stay with us for 52 deliveries, we’ll give the school an additional £15!

All deliveries will be made to parents’ and teachers’ homes so there is no need for the school to be involved other than to encourage people to join. As with all our customers, there is no contract, no tie in and no minimum amount of deliveries. The idea is to set up a regular income stream for the school.

We understand that schools need to teach the children about healthy eating/nutrition under KS1 & KS2 curriculum, and could also provide some resources to assist; as self-confessed veg nerds, it’s what we do! We can also offer raffle prizes, information about farming and are happy to explore other initiatives with schools that may be of use.

Simon Harrop & Ann Eve

For more information please contact

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