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Cameila Tue 26-Apr-16 11:56:12

Hi everyone. This is my first post on Mumsnet and I need help from all local Merton/ Wimbledon mums-Is there anyone with a DD at Ursuline High in Wimbledon? We are looking at it for my niece who is in Year 5. I'm aware it's hard to get in to, but assuming she does, I am wondering if any of the mums have anything to say for or against it? It all seems good when you go for a visit, but how's the Head? How's the pastoral care and is the school on the whole a school with a heart or more geared to academic excellence only?

HaydonWomble Wed 27-Apr-16 07:39:01

Not got DCs there myself but we have friends whose DDs have been there for a few years. They seem very happy with the school and one hears less 'criticism' (from the wider community) of the school generally than one does of Ricards Lodge . My impression is that the school does invest significantly in the pastoral side of things (as one would really expect of a faith school).

A fair number of girls who've been in the junior 'prep' school also seem to continue into the non-fee paying senior school so the school possibly has more of a social mix than RL.

It is getting increasingly difficult (if not impossible) for girls whose parents are less than very dutiful (and very regular) church attendees to get in though (as is also the case for boys at the 'brother catholic secondary school, Wimbledon College), so that's worth bearing in mind.

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