Any reviews for park community school please!!!

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giacondo Tue 19-Apr-16 07:48:50

Anyone has any reviews regarding Park community school would be great help. We been offered a place there (which we didn't apply to) even though we are few meters away from Priory, Holy Trinity, and Garfield??? So confusešŸ˜•
Thank you.

2FatLadied Tue 19-Apr-16 14:22:01

I can't help, I"m afraid, as all I know is from the website (I was put off by the 2 1/2 hours a week of Christian worship I read about). I do know that a child has just joined my daughter's YR class from there, so presumably at least one parent wasn't entirely happy with it. But I don't know whether that was the school itself or the location, as we're a good 20 minute walk away from their site (for a 4yo, an adult would be a bit quicker).

I do hope that someone else can help you, maybe the SW19 mums group would be a good place to ask? It's busier than this board.

HaydonWomble Fri 22-Apr-16 19:34:19

giacondo hold strong. I am sure if you are so close to The Priory, Holy Trinity and Garfield (I can visualise roughly where you must live) that you willl get in to one at least, via the waiting list system, in due course. It's stressful waiting but there is considerable movement between now and September. Good luck!

HaydonWomble Sat 11-Jun-16 07:45:24

giacondo, you may be interested in this recent article about Park School in the Wimbledon Guardian.

ObjectBook Sat 11-Jun-16 10:11:12

That article is very biased and has little to do with Park Community.

I'm a very firm atheist, and have had no concerns with the school - the set times for workshop are the same as the requirement of any state school and mostly mean exploring ideas around diversity, charity etc.

The teachers are fantastically creative and all children have access to free extra curricular clubs, and a very high staff to pupil ratio (about 1 to 6). Its like getting all the benefits of a private school without the fees - particularly as class size is small. They prioritise the individual childs learning needs and the school is achieving really well.

It is a shame that their seems to be a lot of bad feeling towards the school within the community - they run a lot of open days where you can visit and see the school. Its nice to be in a new building, with new resources and passionate and supported teachers.

I know this sounds like i'm being bought out - but it really is just a lovely creative school! We feel very lucky to have a place there and worry about moving out of the area as we know we wouldn't find elsewhere like it.

I can't speak for Benedict - as that was a failing school the trust took over, rather than a new school. I'm not surprised that has issues as a result of that.

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