Introducing The Canary All-In-One Home Security Systems (RRP £159). Five Giveaways! **NOW CLOSED**

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LocalEditorMerton Tue 29-Mar-16 16:19:09

With the Wimbledon Prowler (believed to be the UK's most prolific cat burglar) still at large in Merton, home security is understandably at the forefront of local residents' minds.

With the Easter holidays now upon us and many families due to go away for some if not all of the extended holiday period,
Canary, provider of an all-in-one home security solution, offers the following top home security tips:

- Always padlock your shed and put away any ladders not in use;
- Ensure use of window locks on the door;
- Never label keys as it makes the burglar’s job easy;
- Obscure the front window with a poster so valuables are not visible from windows;
- Never advertise with a sticker that you love animals, the burglar will assume the alarm is turned off, because an animal is moving around the house;
- Never leave calendars pointing at the window with your holiday dates ;
- Ensure your lock has more than one cylinder;
- Install a cage on the inside of a letterbox so burglars cannot use a hook to open the door or pick up keys;
- Place the Canary in the hallway of the house, so that any movement can be monitored.

We've teamed up with Canary to offer our Mumsnetters the chance to win one of five of their streamline and unobtrusive all-in-one home security systems (RRP £159) which:

· Stream real-time video of your home with 1080p HD camera, 147 degree wide-angle lens, and automatic night vision.
· Protect your home with 90+ dB siren, motion-activated recording, and auto-arm/disarm.
· Receive instant video alerts on your iOS or Android device.
· Monitor air quality, temperature, and humidity to help understand how your home might affect your health.

(With NO Installation/contracts/monthly fees required, plug in the Canary, connect to the internet and you're ready to go!).

Please comment on the thread below on any aspects of home security that concern or have been issues for you, family or friends.

The competition closes at midday on 23rd April 2016. The winners will be randomly drawn and notified within 24 hours. (NB. The prize is non-transferable, cannot be redeemed for cash or refunded).

Good luck!

The Canary All-in-one Home Security Solution is available to purchase via Amazon and Apple Stores.

CentreCourtWimbledon Tue 29-Mar-16 18:36:46

We worry about the large number of burglaries in our area. Many burglars have struck when people have been at home, climbing in through a tiny window or coming over the fence when the back door is unlocked. It is no longer a deterrent to be at home.

twistedblister Wed 30-Mar-16 09:32:11

These days everyone has high value items in the home, particularly if you have teenagers so every home is a potential target AND we live near Wimbledon. What concerns me most is the unreliability of said teenagers to lock a door properly and shut windows.

YamYam123 Mon 11-Apr-16 21:50:44

I've been the victim of burglary twice, once due to me forgetting to lock the front door - shocked me that someone would go around the neighborhood just trying doors to see if any would open! I'm always concerned when in the house alone after that, it's unnerving.

Whenwillwe3meetagain Mon 11-Apr-16 22:16:27

More concerned about back door than the front. Also get unduly worried when I'm away for a holiday, would love to be able to check all is well!

fazkin Tue 12-Apr-16 19:12:03

We have a service road for our garages on the back which makes our street a hotspot for burglary. We borrowed a similar camera for the house when we went on holiday for peace of mind

MitchamBelle Fri 15-Apr-16 12:17:14

We live on a main road, so are equally concerned by air quality as well as security, given there's busses and HGV's thundering by all the time and stationary rush hour traffic every evening. Our neighbours were burgled recently and their kids were traumatised - I'd hate for mine to experience anything like that.

DrE678 Tue 19-Apr-16 18:05:39

My biggest fear is a home invasion whilst we are in the house. Possessions can be replaced but protecting the safety of my DCs is my ultimate priority.

JonquilleTW Wed 20-Apr-16 13:06:52

We live just behind the high street and close proximity to the station. I constantly tly worry about closing all the doors front and back and the windows before leaving the house every day. And it takes me another 10 minutes to leave the house daily to check all these. I wish we had smth that says check this or that as it seems to be still open. I stead of going and checking every single one of them.

LocalEditorMerton Sun 24-Apr-16 12:21:20

This competition is now closed. The winners have been randomly drawn and we're pleased to announce they are:



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