Introducing the NEW NHS Health Help Now App to help you find the right treatment for health problems (especially when you are not sure what to do or who to contact).

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LocalEditorMerton Thu 24-Mar-16 19:07:46

Whether you have a baby with a high temperature, a child who is being sick, a teenager who is feeling low, or you have sprained your ankle, and for many other health problems, the groundbreaking Health Help Now web app can guide you to the service that will help you best.

Developed by GPs, hospital doctors, paramedics and other healthcare professionals, Health Help Now (available online) is free to use.

Dr Doug Hing, clinical director for urgent care at NHS Merton Clinical Commissioning Group, has been the lead for this project. He said: "I am very excited about the potential for Health Help Now to put our local community more in control of their own health AND find the right treatment quickly when they need it...I am recommending it to my patients, and I hope everyone who lives and works in Merton will save it on their phone and/or computer so they have it ready if they need it, whether they're at home or out and about." You can download the app FREE at iTunes or Google Play.

Health Help Now, which works on smartphones, tablets and computers, lists common symptoms - such as breathing difficulties, injury and sickness - and offers suggestions for treatment for them based on five different age groups (baby, child, teenager, adult and older adult).

"Health Help Now has useful help and advice for people of every age. By using the app, people should be able to find the service in Merton that can help them, whatever time it is and wherever they are." It lists the most suitable option for most people first, with other suggestions following in order. It shows the nearest services, indicates whether these are open or closed, and provides a map of their location.

Dr Hing said: "Merton CCG's 'Whole Merton' vision recognises that people want care to be delivered for the whole of "me", and for care providers to act 'as one team'. The Merton Health Help Now is an innovative solution to help people find information about different aspects of their health, care and support needs in one place, and to assist them to take the right action quickly, also helping them have to avoid going to A&E unless they really need to...We expect it to be particularly useful for young adults, parents of young children and people of working age who may be less familiar with the local NHS services than other residents...That will help them, and by keeping A&E free for those who really need it, it will also help the NHS focus lifesaving care on those most seriously ill and injured patients."


Twitter: @NHSHealthHelp (#healthhelpnow)

LocalEditorMerton Tue 17-May-16 11:32:03

Review of #healthhelpnow app.

NHS Merton CCG would like to know if you've found the app useful. Have you downloaded it, and if so, have you had occasion to use it yet? If not, when would you envisage doing so? Have you shared information about it with family and friends?

They are interested in all your views, so please do post on here if you've got an opinion on its usefulness. All insights most welcome.

Many thanks.

HaydonWomble Tue 19-Jul-16 06:56:01

Seems like a great idea but I'd probably only download it if it was needed in a near emergency. I would never dream to take myself or the children to A&E as the default option.

I'm aware of The Wilson Hospital running 'out of hours and weekend walk-in clinics so would probably check that out first. Although it does have to be said that it's not the most borough centrally located of services.

As a family we rarely even use our GP (less than one visit by one family member per year) so this app isn't really aimed at us, is it?

And would think that the 'early adopters' who would download this are probably 'informed' locals and therefore the ones least likely to misuse A&E services?

Willemdefoeismine Mon 08-Aug-16 09:01:14

I've downloaded it just in case... but again not frequent users of the NHS in our family.

I am assuming this is aimed at people who ruck up at A&E instead of using more appropriate local healthcare services? Service misusers?

If this is the case, I suspect that there is a massive job to do in changing some people's mindsets. The app is a good start though.

Good luck with that!

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