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kavita79 Thu 21-Jan-16 12:28:26

I have a place at Ursuline Prep for my daughter starting reception this year. We went to visit the school last year and were really impressed by the warm atmosphere, the headmistress and the fact the girls were so engaged. However i'm finding when i talk to local mums, no-one seems to go for the school and its reputation with our nursery is not fantastic (they don't seem to push any of their girls to apply there). General consensus seems to be its not as academically rigorous as it is non-selective and I'm a bit worried about the lack of transparency on their website of how many girls go to each secondary school (they have a general list of school leaver destinations but not the actual numbers of places like the study does). I rang the school up and they said about a third go to Ursuline High, a third to GDST schools and the rest to a mix. 2 girls apparently got in to LEH which i think is pretty good but i don't understand why they are not more open about all this.

We are on the waitlist for study which was actually our first choice but I'm concerned there's a chance we may not get a place and i want to get a firsthand view of Ursuline from a parent whose daughter is already there. How are the academics (i know the pastoral care and all round development is v. good and are big plusses) and does anyone have further insight into the 2015 or general school leavers situation? Are children prepped well for secondary school admissions?

Any insight would be gratefully appreciated!

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