Tfl plans to demolish Centre Court and Wimbledon Bridge House - what do you think?

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SueLing Tue 08-Dec-15 18:11:44

Want do you think about the plans to demolish most of Centre Court and all of Wimbledon Bridge House (plus take over various other sites) to create a new Crossrail 2 station? Seems to me that we'll have 10 years of chaos and blight and no guarantee that Wimbledon Town Centre will be put back together again.

No real plans to relocate businesses or shops within Wimbledon. No information on potential noise level with extra trains running through Wimbledon on the surface (deep tunnel option considered too expensive - this we can protest). Houses and the home for the elderly on Queens Road to be demolished. New bridge for construction traffic. Fewer trains to Waterloo and the City.... but we'll have lots more fast trains passing through.

Initial consultation ends Friday 8th January, so if you want to influence this stage of the process, visit, or even better get in touch with your local councillor and MP.

twistedblister Wed 09-Dec-15 09:57:55

10 years seems a bit excessive, it will generate jobs and income and Centre Court is a bit tired now so a new one will be a vast improvement. The transport link will be a big improvement and we need the extra capacity. It's happening anyway so no point in trying to complain about it. It will also bring fans to the new AFC Wimbledon ground.

HaydonWomble Thu 10-Dec-15 07:14:05

It will cause DISRUPTION big-time But on the other hand it might allow other parts of the borough, currently stifled by Wimbledon-centric supremacy, to flourish which really would be a win-win situation.

And once it's all done and dusted presumably it would make Wimbledon an even more desirable (and expensive) place to link, because of speedier transport into London?

Agree with twistedblister that Centre Court Shopping Centre is rather old-fashioned (and not really as 'high-end' as Wimbledon warrants), so it's probably time for a redevelopment - it can't currently compete with Kingston shopping which it should do!

HaydonWomble Thu 10-Dec-15 07:19:03

live even, not link hmm

SueLing Wed 06-Jan-16 22:00:36

How exactly will in generate jobs since most of the trains are simply passing through?!! Without associated regeneration (which is not planned for) it will be the converse.

The loss of significant green spaces in Trinity Fields and parts of Wandsworth Common is planned too - not to mention traffic gridlock in Raynes Park.

See what local MPs and Councillors have to say and make your opinion known. A deep tunnel options achieves the infrastructure upgrade Tfl say is needed, without blighting communities en-route.

LocalEditorMerton Thu 07-Jan-16 11:01:22

There is a public meeting about Crossrail2, being held in Wimbledon (Holy Trinity Church Hall, on the Broadway, 7pm-9pm) this evening, if anyone wishes to make their opinions known.

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