Holy Cross v The Study v Ursuline

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TwoSpoonsofSugar Sat 28-Nov-15 14:12:57

Hi -- apologies in advance for the long post but we are very confused about schools. To give some background, we are fortunate enough that private schooling is an option although it will mean massive sacrifices elsewhere (we could just about finance it but we're not rich if you see what i mean).

We currently have an offer from Holy Cross Prep school in Kingston, which we were really impressed with. The main thing that concerns us is the long school run and also the fact that I'm not sure my boy would go (not sure he'd pass an assessment at Rokebys). We did get an offer from Ursuline and The Study as well but turned them down (with some regret) as they were made very early on in the process and the amount of deposit required this year means that we couldn't afford to pay them and not have them refunded (almost £2k each).

I am now really unsure what to do. Does anyone have any feedback on Holy Cross? I have read lots of feedback about the other two schools but haven't been able to find anyone with a child at Holy Cross. That also concerns me as I worry this means we won't have any playdates/friends in the local area. We are now wondering whether to see what state school we get and then just ask to go on the waiting list for The Study then move her there.

Re state schools, we are still going to select our state school choices. Unfortunately, we're not in catchment to get into any of the decent ones and don't have regular church attendance to get into the religious ones.

Grateful for any advice. We're very confused as the system seems to be very bewildering! Thanks in advance.

Everhart Sat 28-Nov-15 21:57:07

So sorry OP as I don't think I have any advice but just to let you know you are not alone!!

We are a couple of years behind you as our daughter is only pre-school age but I have been investigating the independents and am very keen on Holy Cross (which I visited and loved) but the distance concerns me, less for the actual 'commute' as it were bue more for playdates/social lefe etc. So I'm wondering, like you, if any Wimbledonians really do venture across there or if the 'catchment' is more Kingston/Surbiton etc.

I hear great reports of the Study if that helps?

I like Ursuline a lot but the leaver's destinations are not currently a patch on Holy Cross's - obviously education shoudl be about FAR more than secondary destination but otoh if you are investing a lot both financially and emotionally in your child's education (as all parents do) then I think it is sensible to keep one eye on the leavers' destinations. That said I have heard (on here mostly) that Ursuline are (massively?) upping the academic stakes (not to everyone's liking?) in an attempt to compete? This is just hearsay tbh but others with more experience may back this up.

Have you considered Wimbledon High?

Hoping you get more feedback on Holy Cross and I will also read that with interest!!!

TwoSpoonsofSugar Wed 02-Dec-15 05:50:14

Hi Everhart, thanks for your reply. I have been trying to get feedback on HC locally but haven't which concerns me that perhaps Wimbledon kids don't go there!!! The Study, Ursuline and WHS seem to be the popular choices for those in Wimbledon. I did love the school though and I liked that it felt more rounded. I am also concerned about play dates and the social side. Whilst we do drive, my daughter is currently at the local Ofsted outstanding school up the road and one of the things we love is bumping into so many of her friends each time we are out or on the school run. WHS would have been ideal but we were not offered a place - she's bright but can be very shy. We've now ruled out Ursuline as it doesn't seem to offer much more than the local state to warrant the school fees. My only concern with The Study is that I hear it is very "Villagey" and I did slightly get that impression when I visited. So whilst closer maybe we wouldn't have play dates anyway if I don't fit in with the other parents!!! I feel blessed that we are even in a position to consider private but I am finding the whole thing rather stressful!

ucelle Thu 03-Dec-15 11:34:03

OP, we are behind you by a year, we live in Wimbledon and are considering HC. There's a file on the HC website called travel plan which has a map of where their students come from. It's a bit dated but I don't think it would have changed that much from year to year and would give you an average representation. We recently visited and there was one another couple visiting too and they were also from Wimbledon. I think HC's outdoor space is a real plus compared to Study

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