Fencing lessons

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DrE678 Sun 11-Oct-15 15:22:53

Can anyone recommend a fencing school in Wimbledon or the surrounding areas? DS tried it on holiday and has fallen in love. TIA

twistedblister Mon 12-Oct-15 11:49:13

This is the only one I'm aware of locally but not tried it out with our DCs:


Youarenotthebossofme Mon 30-Nov-15 12:42:47

Kings College School and Wimbledon High School Fencing Club
Email: KCSWHSFencingclub@gmail.com

SleepyRoo Tue 01-Dec-15 22:08:16

St Paul's fencing club in Barnes at St Paul's School has classes for adults and kids, in a purpose built salle, incredibly friendly coach (ex Olympian) and not expensive!

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