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SallyT21 Mon 22-Jun-15 10:55:29

We are looking at a potential move to Trevor Road which I see is on the boundary of Dundonald School and Wimbledon Chase. Has anyone on here had or heard of difficulties getting their children into either primary school from this road? thanks

2FatLadied Mon 22-Jun-15 11:05:28

It depends a lot on the year. For example, this year Dundonald went up to over 400m because it's becoming two form entry from this September. A few years ago, it was down to 120m. I would guess next year will be lower than 400m, because of siblings from the new two form intake, but how much lower is impossible to know.

For Wimbledon Chase, I know you've had to be in the priority area for the last few years to have any chance, but I don't know about individual roads. There's more movement in a 3FE school though.

Have you spoken to the admissions team at Merton? They will give you furthest distance to get a place for the last few years for local schools, and also the precise distance between your potential new house and the local schools. It still doesn't guarantee anything, of course...

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