MN MERTON Book/Film Group is finally up and running (on a Thursday evening in Wimbledon) - why not join us?

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LocalEditorMerton Fri 27-Mar-15 13:21:54

Excited to be able to report that we had a very enjoyable soireewineat the HMVCurzon (Wimbledon) yesterday evening, for our inaugural book/film club meet-up.

We had a great time and spent much of the evening discussing adult and children's literature (across hard copy, electronic devices and audiobook format). Aside from 'Elizabeth is Missing' (the chosen novel), we touched on all manner of books ranging from 'Middlemarch', to the Jack Reacher thrillers, Donna Tartt's small but perfectly formed library of works, JK Rowlings, 'Touching The Void' and some of our favourite novels. Children's literature past and present featured, with us delighting in revisiting classics from our own childhoods and enjoying getting to grips with contemporary works too!

Spencerette chose our next book, A Place Called Winter (by Patrick Gale), which she'd heard discussed only yesterday on BBC Radio 4. We're hoping for an uplifting read but its tagline "To find yourself, sometimes you must lose everything" suggests possibly otherwise! If it's anything like his A Perfectly Good Man though (which I very much enjoyed), we will find it both a page-turning and thought-provoking read.

We are currently debating a date for the next meet-up here, so please do sign up and suggest which date would work best for you. The more the merrier.

We may also schedule in seeing a film, but really it depends on screening timings and what's on (although Suite Francaise and Far From The Madding Crowd are both in the running). We are mindful that as mummies it's not always possible to get away from our LOs on time and we don't want to discourage you from coming along.

Feel free to ask any questions, make any suggestions or add any comments on future reads and/or films to see!

Enjoy the Easter hols we're missing an egg or bunny emoticon!



PheasantPlucker Sat 28-Mar-15 13:50:24

Were you there Thurs? I went to the View From The Bridge screening - Curzon was packed!

Would love to join you next time please

LocalEditorMerton Sat 28-Mar-15 13:55:01

Yes we were there but possibly after you'd gone in. They had no wine glasses left for us as they said they'd been used up for people at the screenings!

Please do join us, PheasantPlucker wink.

PheasantPlucker Sat 28-Mar-15 13:59:37

A friend arrived for the showing at 6.55 and the wine glasses had already gone - she was given wine in a half pint pot! (I was jealous!)
I've signed up with the group on your link, looking forward to meeting up, thanks

PheasantPlucker Sat 28-Mar-15 14:00:29

PS Would love to see films too

LocalEditorMerton Tue 31-Mar-15 09:58:58

Just to say that Mumsnet HQ have very kindly liaised with the publishers of our next novel (A Place Called Winter by Patrick Gale) to give us FREE copies. I have already PMd those who are signed up to our Book/Film Group. If you've not yet joined us but fancy being involved and getting a free copy of the book, you're most welcome. Just sign up here.

But hurry because HQ would like names and addresses of those who want a copy of the Patrick Gale novel, by tomorrow, 1st April (and no, this isn't an April fool prank!).

PheasantPlucker Tue 31-Mar-15 13:02:20


LocalEditorMerton Tue 07-Apr-15 17:01:38

Update, for those four of you who contacted Alice or Amy at HQ to claim your free copy. The books will be wending their way from the publishers to a letterbox near you shortly. If you were away last week and missed out on contacting HQ, never fear - I'm being sent four copies and HQ are also holding on to a couple should any of you contact them directly. So please either email HQ as per the PM instructions I sent out before the Easter weekend, or get in touch with me and we'll arrange a brew and cake so that I can get your copies to you!

In the meantime, enjoy the beautiful weather wink.

PheasantPlucker Thu 09-Apr-15 08:33:05

Fabulous! Thanks. PS, which date did you decide on?

LocalEditorMerton Thu 09-Apr-15 13:20:11

Hi PheasantPlucker, we went for 7th May in the end - wisely I think, given that copies of the novel will probably not reach us until the weekend, at the earliest (although I know some of our group have already finished A Place Called Winter!).

Happy reading!

PheasantPlucker Sun 12-Apr-15 09:02:20

My copy of the book arrived yesterday - thank you!

Are we also reading A Place Called Winter?

LocalEditorMerton Sun 12-Apr-15 15:22:19

Good to hear that you got your copy, PheasantPlucker. Anyone else received theirs (she says, waiting impatiently here)?

Yes we're reading A Place Called Winter at the next meet-up. We read Elizabeth is Missing and discussed it the last time we met up.

PheasantPlucker Mon 20-Apr-15 09:48:02

Hi all, I have realised that the day chosen is election day - my youngest daughter's school is closed, and a big day out further afield with classmates has been mooted. I am not sure I will be home in time to meet you. Sorry.

I feel I have acquired the book under false pretences - would you like it back? (I have read about 50 pages, I love it so far)

(What time do you start?)

LocalEditorMerton Mon 20-Apr-15 16:42:32

Hi PheasantPlucker we start at 7.30pm but it doesn't matter if you come along later, if you can. Last time we were there for a least two hours but it may be longer this time.

No worries about the book. You may still make it to our meet-up. If not, you could always add your views on it to this thread instead?

I think HQ would quite like us to review it here too.

Hopefully see you on the 7th but if not then, the next meet-up!

PheasantPlucker Wed 06-May-15 10:47:45

Hi, in a change to the advertised programme I have had to collect my eldest daughter her special school following a very big epileptic seizure. We are hoping she can just sleep it off, will not have any more and will not need hospitalisation (she has open access at the local neuro dept)

Very much doubt I'll make tomorrow, but I'll see how she is.

LocalEditorMerton Wed 06-May-15 11:45:24

Oh no PheasantPlucker, so sorry to hear that your DD has had a sezure sad. Hope that she does sleep it off and not need to go into hospital. Please don't worry about tomorrow evening. Take care.

LocalEditorMerton Sat 09-May-15 20:24:46

We had a great meet-up and in-depth discussion about A Place Called Winter. See our reviews here, although our discussion on Thursday was considerably more comprehensive!

The great news is that we have FREE copies of our next read The Children Act which we're reading alongside other Mumsnetters, in anticipation of the upcoming - Monday 1 June 9-10pm - webchat with Ian McEwan.

We're also aiming to read On Chesil Beach before the webchat (and our meet-up too), so that we can compare and contrast two of his more recent novels

Mumnset HQ is going to give us our own Book Group username so that we can log in and ask some questions on the evening of the webchat - all very exciting. More information to follow, so watch this space!

If you've not yet come along to our Book Group but would like to, please sign up here. And if you'd like to read The Children Act, please email with your name and address and she will arrange to have a copy sent to you.

PheasantPlucker Tue 26-May-15 20:17:42

Hi all, my dd ended up in hospital, and is still quite poorly. I really hope to make the next meeting (not sure when it is)

Thanks for the book, am about half way through

Thanks all

LocalEditorMerton Tue 26-May-15 21:52:38

Hi PheasantPlucker really sorry to hear that your DD is still poorly sad.

Our next meet up is on Thursday 4th June - same time, same venue.

We got a mention in the Mumsnet (weekly) Book Newsletter today so that was a positive stroke wink. And we've now got our own username: MNMertonWimbledonbookclub for posting up questions on the main site monthly webchats (the Ian McEwan is looming next Monday, 1st June!) - all exciting.

Very much hoping you will be able to join us for the next meet-up but quite understand if you're not able to. If you have any observations or questions you'd like me to put to Ian McEwan please do post them up here, and I'll make sure I ask them on your behalf next week.

PheasantPlucker Wed 27-May-15 11:23:50

Thanks x

PheasantPlucker Fri 05-Jun-15 11:01:39

Sorry I didn't make it - not going great here healthwise at the mo for dd1 x

LocalEditorMerton Fri 05-Jun-15 13:50:53

Hi PheasantPlucker

Sorry to hear that your DD's health is still not great sad.

A bit thin on the ground last night at the meet-up, but hoping that July will bring us all together - with a stack of books to be recommended (to see us thro' our summer hols)!

Still awaiting confirmation from HQ that we will be getting copies of the most recent Nick Hornby to read and for our book-group-only review page, so that we can post up our thoughts on The Children Act.

PheasantPlucker Tue 04-Aug-15 11:50:47

Wimbledon Book Fest takes place in early October:

(I have booked to hear Vince Cable and the Harry Potter thing - I go each year to various things)

LocalEditorMerton Wed 05-Aug-15 09:06:43

PheasantPlucker thanks for flagging this up! I've got the related 'listings' on my 'to do' list which isn't seeing much activity over the summer hols!

I've flagged up your other related Bookfest post to the wider MNMerton&Wimbledon Book Group community, in the hope that we might be able to arrange to go to one or two events en Merton Mumsnetter masse! wink.

And of course the invitation to join in the chat and come along is extended to all Merton Mumsnetters - we'd love to meet you!


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