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Peig Mon 15-Dec-14 16:08:04

Is this a good venue for a child's party?

HaydonWomble Mon 15-Dec-14 16:19:49

What age child have you got Peig? It depends what you are looking for really.

Most parties our DCs have attended (or we've hosted) there have been for children in the age-range 4 - 9. The staff do the lion's (or should I say 'tiger'!!) share of the work, but it's not particularly cheap and if you're having a party there for an older child, you may run the risk of having a few jaded 'been there, done that' children on your hands.

The laser parties look great but are relatively expensive. But many children long to go to one! And they tend to take place 'after hours' so the party guests have the run of the place.

Also, if you organise a party there at the weekend it can seem a bit as if you're on a party conveyor belt/production line, often with several happening simultaneously. Weekdays, after school ones tend to be quieter and possibly slightly cheaper as far as I can remember!

But most children seem to love going to parties there and it's convenient for parents, with parking, shopping and good public transport links close by!

Peig Mon 15-Dec-14 18:25:32

Great thanks. So it's clean, good value for money and well managed would you say! I have an 8 year old.

HaydonWomble Mon 15-Dec-14 18:35:12

Hi Peig, hopefully someone else will give you their insights too.

I think it's fine. It's certainly a massive 'step up' from 'Wacky Warehouse' which is just around the corner!

No complaints and the staff who oversee the parties are great. It's a good option for parents who don't want to be too 'hands on' at the actual party. And it's worth paying extra for the 'Eddie Catz' appearance too!

Make sure you make parents aware of whether you are happy for them to stay or would prefer for them to leave their DC(s) (which by 8 they should be happy to do...) and go....it can work out expensive paying for extra coffees/cakes for the grown-ups!

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