Any French or English/French bilingual families around/?

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Mymaggie Tue 02-Dec-14 19:36:47

Hi, my husband is French (and I speak french) and we are bringing up our two daughters to be bilingual. We would love to meet other French families (or bilingual English/French families) in Wimbledon for socialising/play dates. Our eldest daughter is 2.5.

Tacotac Wed 03-Dec-14 10:56:53

Hi there
I had it easier as I am the one who is French, but the dad is still struggling with French. My daughter is now 12, and speaks fluent French. Obviously, because she has been schooled in English, English is the main language, but the two of us are always speaking French together ( even in company, sorry!)but I know that my time with her is very limited so I try to maximise it).
Actually looking for families of French or bi-national kids in Y 7 or around to exchange experiences and support.
However here are my tips for the early years.
Try to socialise with French kids ( from the age of 2 to 6 she had a Franco-Mauritian friend, and the pair was inseparable, even if they were a girl and a boy.
Always speak French to them, and request they answer in French (at home at least) Mine tried to answer back in English when she clicked that the main language was English and that I could understand it, but I said if you want this, you have to ask for it in French.
I always read to her in French even if the books were in English- A good resource for free books is the Children Library at the French Institute.
You can also get audio books and videos.
We subscribed to audio-books in French. She memorised the stories and this helped her to read French later on.
The Belles Histoires Hors Series bought in the Lille train station each summer at the train change over were a firm favourite and are still here.

Primafacie Fri 05-Dec-14 03:40:56

Hi, I speak French to my children (girl and boy aged 5 and 3) at home. They still won't speak much French, but they understand it and DD (5) is increasingly interested in speaking it and wants to expand her vocabulary and improve her accent. It's a long game - I am not giving up even though it has been harder than I had thought.

I also have lots of French children books I'm trying to offload. Do you want some? We're local to you. Pm me if you do. smile

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