Mumsnet Merton Meet-ups - what more would you like to see happening?

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LocalEditorMerton Mon 03-Nov-14 13:49:38


Hope you've all had a great half-term? Now that the weather has markedly cooled down and turned rainy, its time to turn our minds to cosy, indoor activities for parents and children alike! With this in mind, we're thinking about the meet-ups.

We have Jaidz (Morden/South Wimbledon/Raynes Park) and Amy (Colliers Wood) on board (as Local Ambassadors - LAs), keen to arrange regular meet-ups to cater for Local Mumsnetters' needs and wishes. We're not sure we've got it entirely 'sussed' yet, although the ones we've held so far (including the Wimbledon evening 'mummies only' ones) and interest in the upcoming one at Eggs Benedict Restaurant on 6th December (everyone welcome, so please do sign up if you haven't already) would suggest we're moving in the right direction.

We'd welcome your views and insights as to what you would like from us and the meet-ups. Constructive criticism comments most welcome, as we want to tailor the Merton meet-ups to suit you and your families.

The good news is that a good number of you are already signed up across the 'active' Merton meet-up groups. This would suggest that many of you are interested, at least in theory!

Here are a few questions and observations to kick-start the conversation (hopefully!):

Are the meet-ups something you want?

What format would you like them to take? The same venue on a regular basis or varied venues on a regular basis?

What constitutes 'regular' for you and your DC(s)'s needs? Weekly, fortnightly, monthly, less often?

Are you more likely to attend a regular meet-up event that you can schedule into your diary?

Would you like to see meet-ups related to family-oriented activities set up regularly for holiday times?

Would you like the meet-ups to cover daytime and evening events or are you happy to join in the Wimbledon ones for soirees (as these seem to have become evening, mummies-only ones by default)?

Would you like to meet a cross-section of local parents when you meet-up or just meet ones at the same life-stage as you?

Would you like meet-ups that segue conveniently onto 'the back' of another activity (for example a meet-up for lunch or coffee after one of the many Merton Libraries family-oriented weekly events) or standalone ones which space out your out-and-about activities?

And if you're interested in being an LA and setting up regular meet-ups in a part of the borough that currently seems overlooked, please feel free to volunteer!

thanks for your insights. We look forward to hearing from you.


makedoandmend1 Mon 03-Nov-14 21:03:02

I have school-aged children, and they have a pretty well established friendship group, so I would probably be more interested in meet-ups that don't necessarily involve children, and that revolve around a common interest, like a book club, or knitting/stitch-and-bitch, or walking group.

firsttimekat Mon 10-Nov-14 16:25:56

I'm currently on maternity leave and would prefer weekday daytime meet ups where we could bring babies along. Something regular that was in the calendar and I could organise other things around would be good.

Locations could vary but include child friendly places so they could be down playing while we chat.

FoxForce5 Tue 11-Nov-14 14:02:14

Another (different!) point of view here - it works much better for me if its a meet up on a weekday evening (so without kids). Weekends are just too busy with other commitments. During the week my DH is more likely to be around to babysit and I would look forward to a bit of adult conversation and meeting new people. In terms of regularity I think it doesn't have to be a scheduled thing - once every couple of months would suit me fine. Venues - not fussy except for meeting people, drinks plus nibbles always works better for me than a restaurant. Hth.

LocalEditorMerton Tue 11-Nov-14 14:28:22


Thanks to those of you who've commented thus far! We're taking note!

Please do carry on commenting. Meet-ups are for all local Mumsnetters, so the more constructive comments we have to consider, the more likely we can tailor events to suit you - and hopefully encourage you to come along which is our aim!


Amychris7 Wed 12-Nov-14 09:58:32

I think new and expectant mums should come to the Charles Holden each Monday at 11am as they open especially for mums and it's a really nice friendly crowd.
Does anyone with little ones at crawling age fancy a meet up at Eddie Katz one day?

LocalEditorMerton Sun 07-Dec-14 12:43:53

Thank you to those of you who have commented so far. Hope to see some more insights in coming days, so that we can reflect upon them over the Christmas hols and into 2015.

As a result of our lovely meet-up last night, we've decided that a book club would be a great idea for 2015 - watch this space for more info!

We will also be trying to establish regular (fortnightly to monthly) meet-ups for mummies(to-be) and daddies with babies/toddlers. Appreciate that it's great to be able to schedule a coffee/catch-up/chat into the month's/week's activities. Wahaca Wimbledon is keen to host regular meet-up dates for local MNetters - again, more information coming soon.

If you're interested in becoming a Local Ambassador and helping (co-)facilitate meet-ups in your area, please do get in touch either by PM or directly (


Spencerette Thu 08-Jan-15 12:10:28

Any updates on the book club idea? I'd been keen to join!

LocalEditorMerton Thu 08-Jan-15 13:30:07

Hi Spencerette, thanks for expressing an interest in the proposed book group. I was hoping for some ideas from you and other local Mumsnetters about venue, preferred day of the week, timing etc...

I think it would work best at a centrally located/easily accessible (for people across the borough) pub/bar but one which isn't going to be over-busy and/or has lots of areas away from the main bar where it's quieter. My initial thoughts (based on rather a limited up-to-date knowledge of local hostelries wink included the Gorringe (which is right next to Tooting Station with direct links to most areas of Merton), All Bar One in Wimbledon, possibly the bar in HMVCurzon (it's central and is quite a chilled ambience) or The Garden Shed (on Haydons Road). Any other ideas would be great as I'm sure that many of you may have equally good if not better recommendations!

Was hoping that we could start in February some time. Possibly towards the end of the month (after the half-term)? Week commencing 23rd?

Possible titles could alternate twixt the Mumsnet Book Club ones (can't find the list at the moment but will get back to you with it) and our own choices? Perhaps first meet-up could be a discussion of our favourite books, putting some suggestions 'on the table' and coming up with a list of titles to carry us forward for six months?

Also would we want to meet monthly?

The other thing to consider is the day of the week we meet on. Ideally it would probably work best not on a Friday/Saturday (unless someone knows of a bijou but very quiet hostelry which somehow seems unlikely at the weekend!). I know some Mumsnetters have stated a preference for drinks meet-ups on weekdays which could possibly link in with the book group. Thinking possibly Thursday or Sunday???

Your ideas/suggestions would be most welcome as I'm keen for democratic decision-making to prevail smile!

TheCommoner Sun 11-Jan-15 23:28:49

I've posted on the Book Group thread to say I love the idea of a book group alternating with cinema visits; I just thought I'd add on this thread that knitting and walking is also of interest to me. We have such lovely parks and commons to walk around in Wimbledon; I need more exercise and I'd love an MNer or two to chat to as I do it. thanks

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