Clergy reference of church attendance for faith schools in Merton

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poppy913 Fri 19-Sep-14 23:02:11

Hi, my family will be moving to South Park Gardens in Wimbledon early next year. We are 0.2 miles to Holy Trinity primary which we are hoping DC will be able to get a reception place in 2017. Having read HT school's website, I understand that we would require the vicar to confirm 2 years regular attendance. This is not an issue as we attend an Anglican church regularly anyway.

My question is, how would the vicar know how often we attend the service (thousands of worshippers each sunday in my church). Can someone please advice how to approach this?


HaydonWomble Sat 20-Sep-14 10:49:57


Not a church-goer myself but have plenty of friends who are and from what they've said it's about raising your family profile with the vicar/priest - so maybe not just going to church but being involved in some other way, being part of some prayer group, volunteering in some way or at the very least introducing yourself and your family and

Think the priests/vicars vary though on attendance rates - some are much stricter than others about the weekly factor so it seems! Although now, with a large Eastern European population in Merton (who do go to church regularly) it's possible that less frequently attending families have had to up their 'game' attendance-wise.

Certainly as far as the 'church' secondaries go, a few years ago you could get into Ursuline or Wimbledon College as a catholic girl/boy without coming from a family of regular church attendees, but that's all changed now. Know lots of families who are catholic but couldn't get their DDs in because their attendance rates weren't deemed good enough!

Why not ask the vicar of the parish where you currently worship for some advice???? If you go regularly I can't think that he's going to be anything but helpful in his advice??

poppy913 Wed 24-Sep-14 12:58:48

Thanks Haydon Wombie. Waiting to hear back from my church. We attend every week but in church of thousands, it's easy to be lost in the crowd. Difficult for the vicars to know everyone.

abc123123123 Thu 16-Oct-14 20:05:49

Yes. It's how they keep out the poor people and unworthy heathens.

keai7 Wed 12-Nov-14 10:23:31

How rude

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