Ideas for 7 year old boys birthday party

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Cookers Wed 17-Sep-14 10:09:06

Anyone got any ideas for a 7 year old boys birthday party in the wimbledon area?

Willemdefoeismine Wed 17-Sep-14 11:41:26

Hi Cookers

Having been thro' this for DS, I can give you some pointers.

Eddie Catz do laser parties but they're quite expensive (about £17 per child with a minimum number) and not sure how old the DCs need to be - worth checking out though.

You can have a party at HMVCurzon (with a film of your choice and cordoned off area in the cafe/bar afterwards) but you would need to liaise directly with the staff there. They are very nice though!

Aspire Centre Southfields (the leisure side of the school not far from Wimbledon Park) offers quite a range of children's parties including archery, football and climbing wall. Details here:

Tooting Leisure Centre used to do excellent karting parties too!

Virgin Active North Road do swimming parties amongst others.

Sure there's plenty more options but they're they ones that sprung to mind off the top of my head!

LupitaWoods Thu 18-Sep-14 06:47:27

"Animal man Nick" came to do our DD's party this year, we had a complete mixture of boys and girls ranging in age from 2-13. He was wonderful, he brought a meerkat, skunk, chinchilla, snake and other lovely thins for the children to touch. He was funny and informative and kept the children entertained for 1 1/2 hours. You can google him for all his details. I cannot recommend him enough.

LittleForestFolk Wed 03-Dec-14 13:48:55

Depending on when the birthday is, we may be able to help as we will be offering birthday parties in the woods in our geodesic dome from approx Feb!

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