Football's coming home...The Dons' possible return to its spiritual homeland at Plough Lane!

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HaydonWomble Sun 06-Jul-14 18:27:20

I'm old enough to remember the heady days of Wimbledon FCs FA Cup win back in 1988 against the not so mighty (on that particular occasion) Liverpool FC. I've remained a keen supporter as are my DCs (hence my username!), despite the treacherous selling off of the PL Stadium and the Club's relocation to Kingston. So, I think it's fair to say that many supporters are happy at a recent report confirmed that the Plough Lane site could be used for “sporting intensification”.

I think it will be brilliant for local businesses, property prices and the smartening up of the area (does that mean they can finally get rid of that hideous electricity generating station???) but I've heard NIMBYist type mutterings from friends who live in that part of Summerstown/Tooting.

I guess on the negative 'civic' side, it could be a big drain on local policing resources, cause a lot of additional 'business' to A&E at St. George's and potentially significantly more local footfall - and is the transport infrastructure in that part of Wimbledon/Tooting good enough to cope (my suspicion is not as it currently stands although I guess Haydon's Road Station is only a five minute walk away).

LocalEditorMerton Sun 06-Jul-14 19:11:37

Thanks for bringing this one up HaydonWomble - it's a 'biggie'.

Just checked and it would seem that the Planning Inspectorate's report (which deemed that the site is suitable for both greyhound racing and football) will be discussed this week (July 9th) by Merton Council. So there will be more news shortly.

I'm sure that there are some consultation meetings (run by Gaillard Homes who would potentially be involved in the housing side of the site's development) timetabled for this month, so will see if I can dig out the details.

Meanwhile here's a very recent letter to The Wimbledon Guardian which gives an interesting overview.

twistedblister Tue 08-Jul-14 15:52:46

Wimbledon FC belong in Wimbledon, end of story. Failing that why not move in to Tooting and Mitchams ground and groundshare leading to extra development there. The Greyhound stadium isn't going to be big enough if they go on to reach the Championship so another option is to move into one of the many underused industrial sites and redevelop it. Kingsmeadow is just a temporary option and its VERY awkward getting there on public transport.

JumpinJ1010 Wed 17-Sep-14 22:12:25

As a v close local resident, I must say it will be lovely to see Plough Lane improved as it is a mess. But I don't know that football will be such a great option. The size of the stadium they are proposing will undoubtedly be used for other events too eg concerts etc. I mean, it's not like AFC Wimbledon attracts that many fans....Not that I'm against concerts but am against traffic. Ever tried driving down haydons road?? Or Gap Road, Durnsford Rd, Summerstown or Plough Lane? Rare is the time of day when they are not clogged up. V short of parking around here too - so all those flats they want to build with minimal parking are going to be a big problem, and as for flooding issues. Sorry! Turning into a bit of a rant here. The days when a footie stadium was appropriate for this site are long gone. Do hope AFC find another site in the borough tho - Mitcham/Tooting might be a good idea as suggested above.

LocalEditorMerton Tue 30-Sep-14 17:48:41

Here's the latest on the proposals here.

JumpinJ1010 Wed 15-Oct-14 14:16:15

A few updates on the Plough Lane Stadium plans have appeared on this site, which seems to be pulling together all info on the project. Useful to keep an eye on!

LocalEditorMerton Thu 16-Oct-14 14:43:23

This is a recent related article from The Evening Standard.

JumpinJ1010 Thu 16-Oct-14 15:15:05

Yes, I saw that. Think the footie guys are a bit optimistic if they think they will be playing there quite so soon! Planning procedure is usually pretty lengthy for this sort of thing...

MajorClanger63 Fri 17-Oct-14 10:07:55

looks like an 11000 capacity, they really need to get away from Kingston and move here sharpish. I will certainly be attending when they move.

LocalEditorMerton Fri 17-Oct-14 13:54:12

You could also follow @SW19Stadium on Twitter for related conversations and updates :-)

LocalEditorMerton Mon 27-Oct-14 14:46:42

The information and updates on proposals seem to be changing on a day-to-day basis. For 'spot on' info, if you're interested, it might be worth attending this upcoming event:

"Stay informed! Your chance to inspect latest plans for Plough Lane stadium: tomorrow Tues Oct 28, 7.30-9pm, Wimbledon Park Hall, Arthur Road."

Courtesy of @SW19Stadium.


HaydonWomble Mon 10-Nov-14 19:33:11

Not sure what's going on with this....I do think that the infrastructure isn't good enough to contend with the extra footfall and traffic that a new footie stadium would generate... And it might actually adversely impact on house prices nearby....

HaydonWomble Mon 05-Jan-15 09:39:34

You've got to laugh at this suggestion to deal with football fans flooding out of the proposed new-build AFC Wimbledon home stadium in Plough Lane...Wandsworth and Merton would grind to a standstill!

Pretty sure local residents in the roads around the area are quaking in the boots thinking about what this proposal could mean to the value of their homes, litter, crime etc...

MajorClanger63 Wed 07-Jan-15 14:25:11

This weeks game against Liverpool could have sold out 5 times over. The Real Dons will generate more funds after the move to a bigger stadium. Even in the heady Premiership days the Dons rarely scraped up more than 12k fans at Selhurst (the opposition filled the rest of the stadium) so 11k is fine for the moment. As a fan owned club they set a great model. What worries me is Millwall and West Ham coming to town ;-)

MajorClanger63 Wed 07-Jan-15 14:29:53

As for the litter and crime what about the local jobs being provided for the building, servicing and maintenance of the stadium? The extra income generated for local businesses on matchdays that is currently going to leafy Kingston? Wimbledon is a local club for local people, run the right way and with the community at it's heart. Let the Dons come home.

LocalEditorMerton Mon 12-Jan-15 10:51:49

If you're interested in supporting AFC Wimbledon's bid to come back to Merton, you may wish to add comments to the campaign here. The deadline for submission is 19th January 2015.

HaydonWomble Mon 12-Jan-15 14:31:06

Measured article from Surrey Comet.

It would be great for Merton I think and haven't met anyone local who disagrees, although I don't live in Wimbledon Park!

LocalEditorMerton Fri 16-Jan-15 09:51:04

Update on proposed development of Wimbledon Greyhound Stadium!

Due to the high level of interest in this, Merton Council has extended the planning application consultation deadline to 2nd February 2015!

More info here.

HaydonWomble Mon 19-Jan-15 17:15:52

You've got to smile at this Don Wimble & The Plough Lane Boys fan tune to support the proposed dvelopment! grin

LocalEditorMerton Thu 29-Jan-15 18:54:46

Merton Council has organised for a public meeting to give Merton residents the opportunity to hear directly from applicants, AFC Wimbledon and Galliard Homes, about their proposals for a new 11,000-2,000-seat football stadium, retail and residential development. Residents will also be able to ask the applicants questions they may have about the proposed development of the Plough Lane site.

It will take place on Wednesday, 11th February 2015 at Ricards Lodge School main hall, Lake Road, Wimbledon SW19 7HB (7.00 pm -8.30 pm).

Wandsworth Council is holding a similar meeting for residents of Wandsworth on the evening of Monday, 2nd February at the Drama Hall, Burntwood School, Burntwood Lane, SW17 0AQ (7.00 pm to 8.30pm).

HaydonWomble Fri 30-Jan-15 07:32:27

Was interested but not surprised to read that the local NIMBY element have been most vocal in arguing their case effectively regarding this development! Now there's a surprise (not).

Not even sure that the Wimbledon Park posse are close enough to be adversely affected by football crowds - if fans come in via Wimbledon Park Station they'll have to walk over that less than desirable 'bridge' part of Durnsford Road.

And the Environment Agency seems to be against it too but because of understandable flood plain issues.

I can imagine that the upcoming meeting could get very heated!

LocalEditorMerton Wed 04-Feb-15 12:47:30

A very useful Wimbledon Stadium Watch resume of the Wandsworth Council public meeting held on Monday.

And of course there's still the Merton one to come next Wednesday, 11th February (see post above for more details).

HaydonWomble Wed 08-Jul-15 14:40:42

For anyone who's still interested, here's an update!

LocalEditorMerton Fri 18-Sep-15 13:39:37

Update: Football may not be coming home to Plough Lane after all! Just as AFC Wimbledon thought the struggle for a new stadium was nearly over, a group of campaigners are arguing for a new secondary school to be built on Plough Lane. Residents say that the area desperately needs a school in this part of the borough (rather than a football stadium and 600 new houses that will provide "zero community benefit.").

A new public consultation regarding its future is now ongoing (from 11 September until 8 October 2015). Further information can be found here on Merton Council's website.

[NB. Members of the public wishing to comment should do so in writing by mail or by email to by the above date, and should include the application number: 14/P4361].

LocalEditorMerton Wed 07-Oct-15 07:21:18

If anyone's interested, there are some upcoming meetings about the proposed Plough Lane development on:

8/10/15 8pm - Apostolic Church Hall, corner of Kohat Road, SW19;
13/10/15 8pm - Wimbledon Park Hall, Arthur Road, SW19.

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