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Louisaw1 Mon 24-Feb-14 21:58:31

Hi I'm new to this. And new to the world of finding a prep school for my year 1 boy who I want to move from state to private, to do common entrance curriculum. I have just looked around Willington and liked it but have a few concerns... Why isn't it in the good school's guide, what is the new head really like, why did they hand me a two year old school magazine rather than an up to date prospectus and how good is the sport and classroom teaching if the ofsted is "good" not "outstanding". Finally do boys really come from as far away as Wandsworth or will mums think playmates are inconvenient because most live close to the school? I honestly liked it and felt the non pushy approach would be right for my son who isn't good under pressure but i would really love some local parents to reassure me (or not) given I don't know a single boy or parent from there and there are very few online reviews. Thank you in advance.

Mumstheword2b Mon 24-Feb-14 22:47:32

Hi Louisaw1, my ds1 and ds2 are both at Willington and I couldn't be happier with it. They are really good at preparing the boys for CE and they have had a brilliant set of Senior School offers so far this year- the last newsletter listed a load of recent ones- St Paul's, King's, Epsom, City of London, Hampton and the list goes on. With regard to marketing, there wasn't much of a push when we signed up either, I think they haven't really ever had to market too much as it's such a lovely school. I was interested that you said they weren't in the GSG as I hadn't noticed that- I am pretty sure you pay to be listed rather than being selected so that is probably why they haven't bothered. I would assume there isn't an up to date prospectus as the new Head hasn't been in situ long and I would assume he will get one done to reflect his ideas. I really think he is a great Head and he has said he intends to stay at the school for a long time. He has really clear ideas for the school and it is already resulting in positive change. The intake is pretty broad geographically- over half term I took ds1 to a friend's in Hampton and ds2 to Leatherhead so that should give an idea. If you have any other questions just let me know and I will try to answer. Hopefully see you at Willington soon!

JRusWimbledon Mon 24-Feb-14 23:19:08

I would have to agree with all the above answers to your questions. My ds is really happy at Willington and I would definitely recommend it. We moved from state to Willington because we didn't feel like ds was being challenged enough and it we've never looked back. The teaching is excellent and the teachers are helpful, really care about the boys and make time for parents. I think they might be due another inspection soon as it hasn't been inspected whilst my ds has been there. I would be surprised if they weren't classed as outstanding this time.

Louisaw1 Wed 26-Feb-14 20:12:46

Thank you so much mumstheword2b and JRusWimbledon. You have been extremely informative and reassuring. I looked around Rokeby this week and it didn't feel nearly as nurturing or personal. My next worry is whether there is likely to be a place for him at Willington in 18 months! They can let him in now subject to the assessment but there is no guarantee of a place for year 3 if the class is full. I'll pay my deposit and cross my fingers. I would consider Year 2 entry but I'm not sure he is quite ready to jump ship, give him a year I think emotionally he'll be more confident. Let's hope that we are doing the right thing to wait?! Am going to ring the head tomorrow and see what he says ...

JRusWimbledon Wed 26-Feb-14 21:38:01

We joined mid year but I do sense that the school is rising in popularity. I think you do have to do what's right for your ds though and even if the year is full when you want to move him someone might leave part way through the year. Have you thought about sending him in for a day to join lessons and see how he likes it? You are right, give the Head a call and see what he says, he's always very helpful.

OffallyGOod Wed 26-Feb-14 22:21:18

Definitely increasing in popularity. Would definitely jump before yr 3 because this year they are running a waiting list for year 3 . Don't think many willington boys leaving to make space at this level.
Willington very friendly, nurturing involved and close knit school. Ds yr2 has friends from lots of different years.
Small classes Ds has never been in a class of more than 14.
New head teacher is very professional , somewhat corporate but his heart is in it. Get the impression he deals more with the senior part of the school.
I think the pressure ramps up a little in yr 3 getting ready for middle school. So I would now if you can.

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