The Imminent Closure of The Provenance Pub in Colliers Wood.....

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LocalEditorMerton Wed 12-Feb-14 10:08:55

There was a flurry of excitement around the opening of The Provenance Pub on Colliers Wood High Street last year. With its 'organic' label and community leanings (including a popular, regular Parents and Toddlers coffee morning slot, craft fair and film festival), many local Merton residents saw it as further evidence of the gentrification of the area.

Did you ever go there? What did you think? Sad to see it go? Any views?

You may be interested in this campaign too:

Willemdefoeismine Wed 12-Feb-14 12:19:55

Just seen this in the local paper:

Inneedofstrongblackcoffee Sat 22-Feb-14 10:20:42

Punch Taverns the owners of the freehold are in debt. They need to sell. I am not sure why that article made it into the Guardian as it didn't really tell the whole picture.
There was talk it was going to be turned into a local ( one of the main chains) supermarket with flats.
Word on the street is that the freehold with a market price of £1m has been sold to an undisclosed buyer.
Let's just hope it isn't Mr Aziz, Merton resident and one of the country's most successful business men for we only have to look at his track record with other locally owned buildings namely The Tower building in Colliers Wood.

Inneedofstrongblackcoffee Sat 22-Feb-14 10:22:04

And by that I mean nothing will happen other than a building lying empty and derelict in its own decay for the best part of a decade.

Willemdefoeismine Sat 22-Feb-14 11:22:55

That's a grim thought..... Let's keep our fingers crossed that it's not Mr Aziz who's purchased it then....(quick sale though....)

Has he got something against Colliers Wood because despite best efforts to improve it, the tumbleweed derelict buildings do not help the cause - especially the wind funnel around The Tower.....

Has it closed yet? Alas poor Provenance we knew it many of the affluent locals loved it too....

HaydonWomble Sat 22-Feb-14 13:14:09

Think the problem is that there are too many pubs in Colliers Wood - although it was a really nice one it's stuck between a rock and a hard place......

It had the potential to be to Colliers Wood what The Gorringe Park is becoming to Tooting Borders in parallel.....

LocalEditorMerton Sun 23-Feb-14 10:00:29

Closing today:

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