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mertonmum Wed 04-Dec-13 10:55:14

Hi all,
Can you suggest an English tutor for 11+ entrance into grammar schools (specially required for comprehension and creative writing) in and around Wimbledon area? DS is in year 4 in a good state primary school and would just like someone to guide him with Sutton Grammar/Wilson Grammar English writing techniques.

HaydonWomble Wed 04-Dec-13 11:34:14

Hi I think the best line of 'attack' (it is after all a military campaign) is to have a chat with any parents whose children have already been thro' and succeeded in 11+ exams and ask them for recommendations regarding tutors. It can be a minefield and you may find that over-competitive parents with same aged children will not be helpful....

Keep your ear to the gound too. IMHO there's an awful lot of talk about 11+ exams in the playgrounds and coffee shops of Merton. Be bold and just ask if you hear anyone talking about such things. It's happened to us although we didn't use a tutor so can't help with that side of things.

Good luck - you may get the help you want from a sixth former or former pupil of one of the grammar schools you're interested in - they are ideally placed to offer useful insights I would have thought.

WimbledonT Thu 13-Mar-14 01:30:45

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