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LHMG Fri 30-Aug-13 09:16:50

Hi all,

We currently live abroad and are moving home to the UK. We used to live in wandsworth, but are now considering a move to the Woodside area of Wimbledon.

We have 2 young children (under 3), so predictably, schools are an issue. We are becoming more resigned to the fact that we will have to go private. Where would be our nearest private school options for nursery/primary if we moved to this area? We have a boy and girl and ideally want to send to just one school.

Also, I just wanted to get people's thoughts on the area; good for families? Pleasant place to live? Community spirit? Easy to travel into London? ( know there are good links but do people generally find it easy?) Etc....

Really appreciate the advice based on us being overseas and not able to immerse ourselves in the area.


ofwhichsaturates Fri 30-Aug-13 19:37:25


I live off Woodside and love it ! Its a great area, lots of families, reasonably quiet but still very close to town- we walk everywhere.

The commuting is brilliant - though I do work in Waterloo which makes it easy - I can do door to door in 40 minutes.

The common and wimbledon park being only 10 minute walk is handy too.

Have you considered Bishop Gilpin ? - its the highly sort after state primary on Lake Road. We do not go to church - but got places for our two. They do 30 faith and 30 open places ( although many open go to siblings )

Since they changed the rules to as the crow flies rather than walking route it meant many of the streets around me jumped ahead of others- we are just 90 metres from the school.

If you are considering Woodside area its definitely worth trying BG. You never know ! What sort of budget are you looking at for a house ?

Private wise Wimbledon High School ( girls/ private starts primary) is very close - but they are selective and test at 4 for entrance. Willington( boys )is nearby.

I dont think there are many private pre schools/nurseries attached to private schools - but I can recommend Playdays nursery(the Wimbledon Hill branch) - we used it and were impressed with the care. THey also offer wrap around at the pre school at BG meaning you can take the place ( if you work ) and gives you more chance of getting into reception.

Hope that helps ! Let me know if you have any more questions

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