Living on Kingston Rd SW20

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Polkapink Wed 07-Aug-13 21:34:04

Hello everybody,
We have been living in the Wimbledon area and are considering buying a property on Kingston rd. DD goes to Wim Chase so it is important that we stay close to the school. I have heard mixed reviews about the noise levels from Kingston rd. Can anyone please help in giving specific info about how bad it actually gets? We are looking at near Richmond ave but on Kingston rd..hope I make sense!
Thank you very much!

jolondon Sun 11-Aug-13 13:53:01

We live there with our 2 children and have no double glazing at the front and find the noise bearable - I guess we've just got used to it. It is a busy road, there's no getting away from that. If you have double glazing at the front then you'd be fine I think. The back garden is quiet - no different to living on one of the side roads.

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