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nadcass Tue 28-May-13 13:09:24

Hi Mums!

I need some of your thoughts.

I am starting a new and exciting class for babies (9months-2yrs) and toddlers(2-4yrs) and would love to hear what are the best times for you and your children.

I have a choice of times for morning classes. I was thinking.....
Toddler class.... 9.45am-10.25am
Baby class..... 10.35-11.15am

What I would like to know is, do these times fit in with your daily routines?
What times are more appropriate?

In my classes, you are able to bring siblings. You can hold them or I will set some tables with colouring in for them.

Your opinion would be greatly appreciated!
I can't wait to begin this exciting adventure and I am sure your children will love it.
Stay Tuned...........


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