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Whirlwind79 Mon 22-Apr-13 15:03:50


I posted this on the main site but just found the Merton local site, so apologies for duplicating.

We are considering a move to Wimbledon and have a 19m old child and #2 on the way. I had a few questions re schools:
(1) there seem to be a number of outstanding state primaries in Wimbledon but my understanding is that the catchment area is literally about 50-100yds - is that right?
(2) what are your recommendations re independent/prep schools? And what are the entrance criteria like? We currently live in Clapham and here there are some schools with assessment for entrance at 4, and the non-assessment-based ones have massive waiting lists such that unless you register by the time your child is c6m old, you don't stand a chance of getting in. Is this the same in Wimbledon? In other words, am I way too late for my 19m old?
(3) what secondary schools do children go onto? I know Wimbledon High runs right through to 18 but what about the schools that stop at 11? Does anyone go onto the Surrey grammar schools?

I know there are quite a few questions there, so answers to one or all would be much appreciated!


Primafacie Mon 22-Apr-13 19:50:18

Hi OP, in answer to your questions:
(1) yes it is true. Dundonald's catchment is 105 metres - bonkers. All distances (except for VA) are on the Merton Council website. I wouldn't bet on a state school place unless the school has a bad Ofsted, or you are pitching a tent in the school playground. Seriously, if you call the council and give them an address you are thinking of moving to, they will give you exact distances to your nearest schools, so you will know if you would get in. It's really dire though- be warned. We were offered a place in Mitcham this year. There are easily 10 or 15 schools nearer to us but they are all oversubscribed.
(2) some independent schools are non selective, including Ursuline (girls) Homefield and Willington (boys), or you can look at Holy Cross (girls) and Rokeby (boys) in nearby Kingston. You are most likely too late for Squirrels and the Rowans, we registered within days of birth and didn't get in the Rowans, but waiting lists sometimes move a lot (that's what I tell myself!). Wimbledon High, Putney High, Surbiton High are selective but if you apply to many, you have a good chance of getting in at least one. A good kindergarten will help with that, we sent DD to Castle and it did her a lot of good.
(3) can't help much as not there yet! But for girls, there is LEH (Kingston), Ursuline High (Catholic VA), Surbiton High, Marymount (Kingston), Sutton High, and I think a co-ed Harris Academy opening up. I don't know about boys yet - hoping to get King's or Hampton Court and not have to worry about it! I'm sure the Kingston grammars are also popular with boys and girls.
Good luck!

Primafacie Mon 22-Apr-13 20:29:32

Sorry, I forgot the Study (girls), entrance is by lottery, you are not too late to put your D's name down, and Donhead for boys, also non selective.

OffallyGOod Wed 24-Apr-13 23:29:00

As said religion, being located on same road as school or being prepared to accept very poorly rated school some distance away are only ways on getting primary school places. Secondary school options look dire and most people I know are thinking of moving away for secondary unless they have very bright children who can guarantee getting into Kings or Wimbledon HIgh.

On plus side someone is planning a free school to go all the way up to 18 but that is in embryonic form at moment.

stillstanding Fri 26-Apr-13 18:18:30

Agree with the other posters, whirlwind.

Very difficult to get into the good state primaries - only possible if church-goer, sibling or live on the doorstop -and, even then, not always in the bag.

Good range of private primaries. Primafacie's list is pretty complete! None of the boys pre-preps are selective but some of the girls are (Wimbledon High etc) but there are others that aren't (Ursuline, Study).

Secondary schools are really tough, especially for state school. I know lots of people who bus down the A3 (for Reeds, e.g.).

If you are thinking private for 19mth old I think you will be too late for some (like Rowans) but probably not for others (Willington - which I rate highly - or Donhead for boys, Study/Ursuline for girls, Hall for co-ed).

Good luck!!

Manas Wed 15-May-13 20:19:48

I am looking to move my son out of his current Wimbledon Prep school and would really welcome suggestions for a school that will help and tolerate a boy who needs to grow and mature in his own time. My son had an Ed Psych look at him a couple of times over a 1 year, and say there is nothing wrong, just needs time to mature and has come on a lot academically even though youngest in his class. He is currently in Year 1 and I feel he may just be at the wrong school. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. I would even consider co-ed.

Helenetta Mon 17-Jun-13 12:08:07

Manas. My son was unhappy at another school and we moved him To Holy Trinity. He loves it and has come on in leaps and bounds. We are lucky in that he is in a class with exceptionally kind and lovely children but the school has been good to him overall.

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