Giraffe in Wimbledon Village gone?

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MaitreKarlsson Mon 01-Oct-12 07:30:50

Anyone know if the Giraffe closure in the Village is permanent?
Seemed to shut down overnight & now nor listed on the main website...would be interested to know what happened as it was always full & had good reviews (and was one of few good places to take my young DCs...)!

IfYouSeeMeSayHello Mon 01-Oct-12 20:10:07

Yes it has closed for good. So annoying isn't it! I always liked it a lot.

MaitreKarlsson Mon 08-Oct-12 20:54:20

Alas - it is to be a Brew cafe (there's one on Northcote Rd, haven't been in though). Doesn't sound like it will do kidtastic lunches with abundant high chairs sad

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