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ThePathlessPath Mon 03-Sep-12 09:58:18

Hi we are relocating soon to the area ( DH, me DD - 6 ds - 8 )
and have a few questions if anyon local can help I would be very grateful ( have done a search and got loads of information but just have a few questons left )
Probably Willington school for my son but where do they go afterwards?
Which school for my dd - want something all round but cant seem to find it schools seem very acadmeic
again where do they tend to go for secondary

DH needs to ge tto mansiobn house every day and I need a yoga class a park to run in , independet coffee shop and a library

Do the roads get VERY congested ? at school runtime or do people walk to school

HAvent even pinned down house yet ! but think that west wimbldon Raynes park will be good for us

What do i NEED to know before i start commiting to schools and a house and if anyone want to help me search online feel free to suggest houses /roads

thank you

MrsHerculePoirot Tue 18-Sep-12 20:11:21

this tells you how places were allocated last year and further distances. Obviously that changes from year to year, but gives you an idea.

West Wimbledon only has two form entry, I think the only primary around the Wimbledon area that has three form entry is Wimbledon Chase.

PheasantPlucker Wed 19-Sep-12 11:21:31

I'm sorry - I was muddling up Burlington down the road, which is 3 form entry! (but over the borough boundary, and is a RB Kingston school)

Comments re esteem of school and Head were definitely about West Wimbledon School though! smile

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