Wimbledon/Merton reception admissions 12/13

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MangawhaiHeads Wed 08-Aug-12 21:54:33

JCTT, first off it would be worth arranging a visit to St Mary's. I think you would have a good chance of getting in assuming you are going to St Winefride's each week and are on the register for the spot checks!

As far as I know you apply to faith schools individually and then to non faith schools via the council so you could apply to both HT and SM to cover yourself. Again though you haven't a hope of getting into HT. DD did get a nursery place there but I know it is unlikely that she would get reception.

I had a look at All Saints and while I thought the staff were nice I wasn't bowled over by it.

Primafacie Wed 08-Aug-12 06:27:19

I agree with mum2mum on most things, except that St Mary's is not 50/50, it has an all-Catholic intake.

jctt Mon 06-Aug-12 22:41:02

Thank you :-)

mum2mummarkets Sun 05-Aug-12 20:42:12

You need to look at the admission criteria for the individual schools you are interested in. Most have them on their websites. As far as I know all the faith schools do 50:50

If you are Catholic but applying for a C of E school you would still be applying for a foundation place in most instances I think - however you will get a lower priority than the C of E applicants so for the oversubscribed schools like HT and BG this means you probably wouldn't get a foundation place.
Living in Colliers Wood you wouldn't get a place based on distance at HT or Priory. Children living on Effra Rd itself didn't get in to HT this year.

For most people in the Borough there is no choice. You put down the school nearest to you first and hope you get it. If you can apply for a foundation place you have a bit more choice in theory, but read the criteria carefully as they are all different.

jctt Sat 04-Aug-12 23:21:24

Sorry I meant 2013/14! :-)

jctt Sat 04-Aug-12 21:47:24

Very soon I will have to fill out my sons application form for reception 12/13. I am somewhat confused about the procedure, and also completely overwhelmed with fear about making the wrong choice. I have lots of queries which I will list below. If anyone knows any answers, I'd be very grateful for the advice.

1. I would like to put St Mary's as no.1 (yes my son is baptised and we go to church). However we live in Colliers Wood and therefore I think his chances of getting in are very slim as we live quite far away. 60 reception places are available, but does anyone know how these are split between Catholics and Non-Catholics? A friend of mine suggested 50/50 but I don't think that can be the case.
2. If we can't get St Mary's we would still like a faith school if poss, simply because it still includes bible study, daily prayers, and various elements of the christian faith we believe in. I have not heard one word from anyone in Merton about All Saints school. I visited recently and thought it was a lovely little school and it seems to have a good Ofsted. Does anyone on here have anything they can share with me about this school?
3. Would it matter if I were to put a Catholic school as no.1 and a CofE school as no.2? Would this make his application based on faith seem 'not serious'? I'm concerned St Mary's (or my priest) may see his second choice and be 'offended' by this??? I know that seems a little far fetched but I wouldn't want his (or our) faith to be questioned.
4. I've heard a lot of local opinions regarding Singlegate. Their 'outstanding' Ofsted is now dated..... what is the consensus on the current state of the school, given that the head teacher is now looking after 2 schools. And that there is also a school expansion in place.
5. Similar to question 1. Can anyone advise roughly what % of non-faith places would be available at Holy Trinity, The Priory and All Saints? My son's application to any of these would fall into the non-faith category seeing as he is Catholic and not Protestant.

I think that's all my questions for now. Thank you in advance for any answers you may have. Xxxx

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