First childcare search - pls help (live by Haydons Road station)? Any advice appreciated!

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bigdonna Wed 04-Jul-12 14:58:21

hi sorry no recommedations but the 12 hrs of childcare can be with achildminder,i currently cm a 2yr old and the health visitor said the mum can apply and use acm.

uselesslife Wed 27-Jun-12 10:12:45

can heartily recommend Wimbledon Day Nursery, Montague road.but I know they have a long waiting list.
Eveline nursery on Quicks Road, I think Busy Bees on Haydons road
A new one recently opened on Pelham road
Can't help with childminders sorry.
I only have experience of the 15 hours when they turn 3, but it works quite well. We completed the forms with the nursery, they send them off, then adjust your monthly payment accordingly. Every nursery works differently with these though

Nursery is good for them I think, opportunity to play with children their own age.
But childminders might be more convenient and could have similar age children too.
you could do both

I would check out the nurseries, get yourself on a list to begin with

StarLily Thu 21-Jun-12 23:03:07

Hello all! I am new here on Mumsnet smile

My daughter is nearly 17 months and I have started looking for part time work to start late July / early August or so hopefully. I am a single mum and on benefits since being made redundant, and I have never looked for childcare and I feel quite scared and stressed!

I will not be able to afford a nursery so I will be looking for childminders. None of my friends have kids so I can't go on recommendations from them... Am just so nervous about the whole safety/quality/affordability thing.

Also, do I look for childcare before I find a job..? It could take aaaages to find a part time job nearby, similarly it might take ages to source childcare. Do CMs generally pick children up from your home..? What is the going rate in this area?

If anyone who reads this thread knows of a good childminder near me, please PM me?

Other than that, what do I look for? How does the government subsidy for childcare work?

I think my daughter will be entitled to 12 hours free childcare when she turns 2 in February, because apparently she is "disadvantaged" (the Jobcentre lady told me so, then looked embarrassed when I asked what she meant!)... But I guess that is just a nursery place, so that would mean uprooting her from a childminder after just a few months... is that fair?

Anyway, any help at all gratefully received. Many thanks smile

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