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hen77 Thu 21-Jun-12 21:45:06

Hi, can anyone tell me what the good outdoor spaces are for young children in south Wimbledon?
Thinking of moving to the ministers/battles area just south of the town centre but worried there don't seem to be great green spaces and playgrounds very close by (ie walking distance) Am I wrong?!
Thanks very much

Wobblypig Thu 21-Jun-12 22:46:54

Hayden's road recreation ground, walking distance to POlka theatre and SOuth park gardens , Garfield park, not that far to Deen city farm and Morden hall - we walk easily to all these places.

MangawhaiHeads Fri 22-Jun-12 11:09:13

Plus walkable to Dundonald and John Innes and of course the common. Plenty of green space here.

hen77 Fri 22-Jun-12 14:19:08

thanks v much, will check them out!

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