Help with psychology degree

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MertonTsarina Sat 09-Jun-12 11:08:12

If you don't have any luck here ther is an NCT playgroup in South Wimbledon that should have mums fitting your criteria.

HNM2009 Wed 06-Jun-12 08:14:24

Hi, I'm doing a psychology degree with the Open University. I have a research project to complete about the life experiences of older mothers. Are you over 35, with a baby between 6 and 12 months? Would you be able to spare approx 1hr of your time to chat with me? I am 6 months pregnant with my first child, at 40, but I don't know any new mothers yet! I'll keep it brief now, but if you're interested we can talk in more detail. THANK YOU!!!!! (I'm in Wimbledon).

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