Kids Chinese School in Wimbedon area?

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Chineseteacher Thu 23-Apr-15 14:47:02

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deniseip Sat 03-Nov-12 07:32:33

Hi Jessica

I also have a 4 yr old half Chinese son (as well as a 7yr old) here in Wimbledon. Did you find a Chinese school nearby for your son yet? Does he speak Cantonese or Mandarin?

ma888 Thu 04-Oct-12 08:47:56

There is one in Sutton and one in Hounslow

frijolitas Sat 30-Jun-12 12:15:36

Hi Jessica. By school, do you mean one where they study reading and writing, have exams etc (which is the kind of Chinese school I went to as a kid every Sunday)? AFAIK, there are Chinese schools in London but not in the Wimbledon area. The only one I know of is the Chinese club for 2-5 year holds at Wimbledon Library but this is a club rather than a school. Think they teach mandarin rather than Cantonese (not sure which your child speaks). Would be interested to know what you find as my LO is half Chinese too. She's only 6 months old so too early for school but would her to go to one when she's old enough!

jjjeee Fri 25-May-12 15:55:33

My son (4 year old) is half Chinese, he can speak some chinese and I want him to improve his chinese skill. Could anybody suggest some good chinese schools in the area suitable for a kid? Many thanks, Jessica

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