Desperately seeking a swimming pool

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Littlemai Thu 17-May-12 07:07:19

Thank you! Thats brilliant to have some suggestions as i am clueless, I will pass them along to the lovely teacher.

Annawiththebag Wed 16-May-12 19:54:00

You could try the Perseid Schools (the new one in Middleton Road) and the one in Bordersley Rd (formerly St Ann's)?

Littlemai Wed 16-May-12 12:59:05

I have been taking my lo to an amazing teacher since he was tiny and very sadly (for me) she is unable to continue with the older children's classes at our local pool. She is absolutely brilliant and I am really keen to be able to have her continue his lessons, she really is lovely.
But the only way this could really happen is if she can find a new pool. So I would be massively grateful if anyone knows of anyone with a pool who may be willing to hire it out? Or of a pool that might be suitable
Thank you

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