Mitcham Eastfields?

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PipsterT Sun 31-May-15 14:28:12

Hi all, I know this is an old thread but thought I would try anyway. I'm looking at buying a house on love lane, the church road end, and just wanted to ask advice of area round there. The neighbours all seem really nice and lived there for years but I'm not sure of the direct area around there and the church (house is sort of next door to it). I don't have kids but I will be commuting from colliers wood so would be walking up church road in the mornings/evenings most of the time unless I get lazy and get the bus. I know Mitcham gets bad press and has its bad areas (where doesn't?!) but I'd really like to hear from people who live and know the area as I know it's supposed to be regenerating - it's an expensive mistake to make if I don't do my research properly. There is a temporary housing place on church road, near Vicarage gardens I think does anyone know if there is trouble round there. Thanks and I hope I hear from someone

LocalEditorMerton Tue 11-Feb-14 07:28:32

Good to hear some positive press about Mitcham Nomadicdonkey and thank you for updating!

nomadicdonkey Mon 10-Feb-14 22:48:15

Mitcham Eastfields is changing fast. I moved here 6 months ago and it feels very safe. There's been some new builds near the station leading to a influx of young families and professionals.

For cafe's I either head over to clapham (10 mniutes on the train), Wimbledon or to brixton (15 minutes by car), which also has a great farmers market on Sunday.

sarcloud Mon 15-Oct-12 14:45:43

I've lived in Mitcham over 5 years and have to say my friends were surprised I moved here as it has a bad name. We chose to buy here because the prices are much more reasonable than other parts of London and having lived here I can say that Mitcham does not deserve the reputation it has. I can honestly say I have never once had any trouble here. The opposite in fact, walking in the park you meet people who say hello and pass the time of day, people working in the shops are friendly and the services locally are excellent. There is a fantastic and cheaply priced leisure centre with activities for children as well as sports facilities for adults and a swimming pool. My partner has found the transport links to Croydon very convenient and it is a well connected place with Wimbledon, Sutton and central London not far.
I can understand your reservations making the move to Mitcham Eastfields but I would not hesitate in recommending it, there are many more pluses than minuses about this friendly little corner of South West London.

crikeybill Wed 25-Apr-12 11:42:31

I moved away from that area having lived there all my life. I would never move back to Mitcham, especially the Eastfields area. The massive Eastfields estate dominates that area and some of the characters that live there are colourful to say the least.
I wouldnt feel safe and im 37 !!

bigdonna Tue 17-Apr-12 15:02:01

well i must say my ds went to st marks for 6 weeks he was eaten alive!!!!!does she have to go past there i suppose most kids would have gone home by then!i would do as you said go at 4ish and see good luck

Mojito1 Sun 15-Apr-12 21:16:07

Hi bigdonna, thank you for that. My DD would have to get to Earlsfield so I thought she could catch a train at Mitcham Eastfields and change at Clapham Junction - it should take her about 20mins plus a short walk to school. She would be coming back after 4pm as well. She would have to walk down Tamworth Lane from the train station, pass the St Mark's CoE Academy. Do you think it's likely that she might meet some trouble makers on her way? Sorry if this question sounds silly but I completely do not know the area. I'm actually thinking of going there myself around 4pm to see what the school day afternoon looks like there.

bigdonna Sun 15-Apr-12 19:48:00

hi i live in mitcham ,i have a 13 yr old dd and 15 yr old ds,i live next to mitcham tramstop i find it very safe.i have friends whom live near there and there dds go to wimbledon schools no problem there they travel on bus to the tram then tram into dd gets the bus at 7.15 am and never has aprob and travels back at 4pm and very safe, good luck

Mojito1 Sat 14-Apr-12 20:48:57

Dear mums living in Mitcham, please share your opinionssmile

Mojito1 Sat 14-Apr-12 13:27:37

We are considering moving to Mitcham Eastfields area with our DD (15). We have found a very reasonably priced property there which we love. It is located very close to the train station (10 minute walk down Tamworth Lane) and this location is certainly very attractive for our commuting to work and it's also ok for my DD's journey to her current school. I am concerned however about the location. I guess we can accept the fact that there are no nice shops and cafes around because it's so easy to drive to Wimbledon or jump on the train and get to Clapham Junction etc but is it safe there for a teenage girl to be walking back from the train station alone after school? Any mums here living in that area or knowing somebody who lives there? Any opinions will be appreciated. Thanks

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