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wobblypig Mon 26-Sep-11 21:33:20

Hi ; I had Andrew Judge on he doorstep the other day promising that the extension of All Saints primary into South Wimbledon Community Centre was the answer to the local schooling problems. Does any one know the details of how this will work or have opinions on this?

Witherhills Wed 28-Sep-11 22:30:25

I heard this was going to happen for 2012, ie, just one extra class for now, but a nursery teacher told me it has come up against some opposition so has been put on the backburner
I've always thought it would be fantastic if they turned it back into a school. God knows, the area needs another school, and i think this area would be perfect. But it is used a lot for courses/classes etc,

Did you just collar AJ on the doorstep?

mum2mummarket Wed 28-Sep-11 23:08:15

I know that South Wimbledon Community Centre are only taking bookings up til the end of this year - but they don't know when the centre will close......

wobblypig Thu 29-Sep-11 23:13:46

Witherhills - No his supporter knocked on the door and I was complaining about the schools so he asked AJ to pop over. He did and promised that the had the go-ahead for All Saints expansion. I also complained about anti-socail behavious from drunk people walking down our road and the next week I had the police on the doorstep giving me a hotline .

We really do need new schools - I owuld have preferred a new one to an expansion of A.S

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