School Uniform for The Priory Primary School, Wimbledon

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KKissell Thu 25-Aug-11 11:36:53

We have just moved to the area and got a very late place for my boy to start Reception class at The Priory this September. We are not going to hear any more from the school until term starts, but I'd love to at least get his school uniform.

Does anyone have a child at The Priory and could you tell me what I need to get for him?

I'd really appreciate it!

cecilita Fri 02-Sep-11 14:14:32

hi, I am in your exact situation and very frustrated to send my child in his jeans the first day smile. Were you able to find out anything? I think I will go to marks and spencer to buy at least white shirt and grey trousers...really lost.

gazzalw Sun 04-Sep-11 17:34:56

Can't help with details of where to buy the precise bits (such as the smart jumpers which cost £25! ore thereabouts) but as DCs share after-school playground with many children from the Priory know that they wear navy blue trousers or skirts/pinafore dresses with white shirts and special ties/jumpers. Summer dresses are purple/white checks (the navy jumpers and the ties have stripe of green and purple on them). Think the boys are allowed to wear white polo shirts in the summer but not sure if these are logo'd or not.... Hope this helps

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