any pregnant women in wimbledon?

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LocalEditorMerton Tue 05-Aug-14 14:56:54

Hi Sevin

Hi and welcome! Why not contact Mamazan (Local Amassador in Morden) or Amychris7 (Local Amassador for Colliers Wood) by PMing them? Many of their meet-up groups have had babies in the not too distant past (under six months) and both run regular meet-ups.

Please do also feel free to start your own thread too if you'd like to. And if you need any further help, just ask!

Best wishes


Sev007 Tue 05-Aug-14 14:37:01

ok, after posting the message above I realised that previous posts are not from this year!!!

anyway, if there are pregnant woman who would like to meet please let me know.


Sev007 Tue 05-Aug-14 14:19:42

Hello ladies,

I just came across this page and saw many ladies in the same situation as me. I moved into the area a little longer than a year. I am 32 weeks pregnant, due date 26th September. Very close to Kash's due date smile

I dont have a network in this area and would love to meet pregnant woman.

Michelle, maybe I can also join your group one day?

Would be lovely to hear from you ladies,


m2mmarket Mon 19-Nov-12 23:00:35

There is a facebook group 'merton mum meets' or something that seem to have lots going on............

Snads Sun 18-Nov-12 07:36:18

Hi there
I have just moved to Wimbledon and have a 13week old little girl. Did you guys end up organizing a mothers group? If so i would love to join you.

Ilina Sun 01-Jul-12 16:31:36

Hi, Kash.

I am 30 weeks pregnant and just moved from Manchester. Live very close to Wimbledon Park. It would be wonderful if we can meet up - I am going today to check out Wimbledon Leisure Centre. Otherwise, the rest of the time am available, since I am currently writing my dissertation and spend the time mainly at home or out for a walk. And don't worry - I don't know anyone here, either, but the area and people living around seem wonderful. I am sure that there are lots of mums and mums-to-be like me and you around.

Hope this website will get more of us connected.

P.S. As to Audrey, I had my first appointment at Kingston Hospital - the midwive who met me was amazing. The hospital looks great and also I checked NHS ratings out and it seems that Kingston has much higher rating than St. George's "Search Hospitals Near (your Post Code)".

I hope this helps.


Mich3lle Thu 28-Jul-11 17:27:16

Hi Audrey smile

I was advised by my partners family that out of the two, Kingston Hospital is the better choice. I have been attending Kingston for all my antenatal appointments and scans etc and they have been very good.
How many weeks are you now? Have you been in Wimbledon long? Maybe we could meet for a coffee sometime smile


amg13 Thu 21-Jul-11 11:10:57


I also live in Wimbledon, I'm 31, I'm from France, and I'm at the beginning of the pregnancy. I've been this morning to the GP and I have now to choose between two hospitals: Kingston and Saint George. Can you please give me some advice to do the best choice? Where are you going to give birth in your case? Thank you so much for your answers and i would be happy to meet you too!


Mich3lle Wed 06-Jul-11 09:41:28

Hello Kash smile

I also live in Wimbledon, I am 26 weeks pregnant and due 12th October! So not much between us! I moved to the area about 12 months ago after living abroad for 3 years so didnt really know anyone either.

I have met quite a few pregnant ladies in the local and surrounding area and there is a group of us who meet up about once a month to share our pregnancy tales and generally have a chin wag. In total I think there is about 10 of us now and we are all due Sep/October, so perfect for you! We intend on continuing to meet up when everyone is on maternity leave and do mums mornings when LO's come along too.

Also I go to Aquanatal Aerobics at Wimbledon Leisure Centre on a Thursday lunchtime @ 12.30pm (try to go every week!) and I have been going to Antenatal Yoga which is also on a Thursday @ 6.30pm in Wimbledon too.

I am happy to introduce you to everyone in our group if you like, and if you fancy coming to one of the classes I will meet you before hand and we can go together. Send me a PM and let me know your thoughts smile

Hope to meet you soon!
Michelle x

rightsaidfred Sat 25-Jun-11 10:35:04

I'm not pregnant but don't like to see a post unanswered so I'll try help.

Have looked at the NCT? Even though you might be too late for their antenatal classes they do coffee meet ups for new mums and a playgroup for under 1s I think. The best way I have found to meet people is to go to things regularly and not be put off if no one speaks to you the first time you go!
There are also lots of baby classes around (baby yoga/ massage/ monkey music) and your health visitor should ofer you a free postnatal course on weaning etc.

I realise this is all stuff for after your baby is born- not sure if there is much for pregnant women. Maybe your midwife might know,or the local Surestart centre (if they haven't all been closed down yet)
Hope this helps

Kash75 Mon 13-Jun-11 21:59:55

Hi. I'm new to mumsnet and not sure how to do that. I live in Wimbledon and would like to meet other pregnant women for a chat or coffee. I don't know many people around here and I would be great to meet and talk to someone in the same situation. I'm 25 weeks pregnant and due on 24 September.

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