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Coley24 Thu 15-Oct-09 17:21:33

Hiya ladies.

I am a manchester mummy very new to Mumsnet and very mum seeking some sanity by way of an adult chat about normal day to day life rather than talkng computers with my DP, talking Princesses with DD1 and Gabbling away with DD2.
2 beautiful daughters aged 4 and 4 months and finding it all very overwhelming and needing an outlet

I hope to hear from some 1 soon

reikizen Thu 15-Oct-09 17:27:47

Hello, am waiting for a new job to start so am slowly losing the ability to speak to adults myself! Bit gloomy in Manchester today eh?

Coley24 Fri 16-Oct-09 10:12:17

Manchester was a very gloomy place indeed though today not a bad picture at all.

Adult convo... what is this you speak of! grin I get some adult convo now and again with DP but honestly its mostly about what game he is playing and what film he watching.


pleasechange Thu 05-Nov-09 08:30:13

Hi Coley - whereabouts in MCR are you?

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