Anyone fancy meeting up in South Manchester or around??

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Happyshopper Thu 19-Mar-09 15:04:40


I live in South Manchester and have a 14 month DS and another on the way. Would be lovely to meet up with other mums who fancy a chat and a coffee. I'm 38 by the way.

Hope this doesn't sound sad asking??? If you're interested then respond and we'll see what we can fix up.

Queenoftheharpies Thu 19-Mar-09 17:57:28

Course it's not sad. Whereabouts are you?

Happyshopper Fri 20-Mar-09 08:30:01


I'm in Chorlton. Where are you?

bohemianbint Fri 20-Mar-09 08:50:29

Ooh, I would, but not sure how I could control DS1 for the duration of a coffee... grin

Happyshopper Fri 20-Mar-09 09:15:17

Maybe we skip the coffee and go somewhere they can play instead? How old's your DS?

Queenoftheharpies Fri 20-Mar-09 09:51:53

I live really near chorlton (lots of nice places to go for coffee!). I'm pg with my first though so not a proper mum yet - does that matter?

Happyshopper Fri 20-Mar-09 12:32:32

Of course it doesn't matter! How pregnant are you? Are you excited? Are you feeling ok? How old are you? (if that's not too intrusive...)

Queenoftheharpies Fri 20-Mar-09 14:30:50

I'm 36, 16weeks pg and fighting fit, thanks.

Excited and terrified, you know how it is

Happyshopper Mon 23-Mar-09 10:39:43

Yes, it's really exciting and scary all at the same time. When did you want to meet? Do you work?

Queenoftheharpies Mon 23-Mar-09 12:53:12

I work at home so am reasonably flexible to pop out for a bit. Late morning is usually good.

Maybe we could do an initial coffee, but perhaps when the weather picks up arrange a trip the little zoo in longford park? That might be nice for the littlies and would mean bohemianbint could join us if sitting around in a cafe is too much for her DS.

Happyshopper Thu 26-Mar-09 20:17:46

Sorry for the delay in getting back to you but I've had a few probs getting on a computer recently. Anyway, I'm only around on Mondays for the forseeable future and I think the next Monday is 13th April. Typically I'm having a mad few weeks now. Let me know how you're fixed for then.

Hope all's going well

Disenchanted3 Thu 26-Mar-09 20:19:46


I live in Withington

Happyshopper Thu 26-Mar-09 20:26:52

Hi Disenchanted. Would you like to meet with us as well? It looks like it may be 13 April for coffee.

Disenchanted3 Thu 26-Mar-09 20:30:08

Yes that would be great. Will pobably only bring my baby girl though, my boys are a bit lively grin

BeehiveBaby Mon 30-Mar-09 18:56:44

Would love to meet in Longford Park....for those who haven't been there, please don't get too excited about the 'zoo' though smile!

katielou35 Mon 30-Mar-09 22:01:27

Hi There

I'm 35 and 15 weeks pregnant with my first so a bit new to it all much like you queenoftheharpies!

Did you arrange a time to meet on the 13th? I'd love to come too. I live in Chorlton and am free that day.

Hope thats OK!

Queenoftheharpies Tue 31-Mar-09 11:29:28

Hi Ladies,

Sorry, I don't think I can do the 13th. We're going on holiday that evening so will have tons to do.

Hope it goes well - let me know when the next one is.

dozey35 Mon 20-Apr-09 12:41:32


Just wanted to say hi as we are moving to Manchester soon - Withington - and would love to make some new friends. I have a little boy who's 4 and a baby girl of 7 1/2 mths. We are living in Milton Keynes at the moment so quite a big move and a bit nervous about how we'll meet new friends...

Moving day should be 22nd May fingers crossed so if you meet up again after that would be great to come along

Happyshopper Mon 20-Apr-09 20:24:45

Hi All

Sorry I've not been in touch - the meet up hasn't happened yet I assume?

When shall we meet? I can only do Mondays so not much choice there then!

Queenoftheharpies Mon 27-Apr-09 11:15:22

Hi Ladies,

Did you have your meetup? I'm back from hols now, and available pretty much any time.

Dozey35 welcome to manchester! I moved up here from London a few years back and have never regretted it.

Happyshopper Mon 27-Apr-09 14:56:35


Hope you had a good hol. Not sure where you went to

The meet up still hasn't happened - how about a week Monday? That will be the 11th I think. I can do about 2pm ideally. Where shall we meet?

urbanbabe Mon 27-Apr-09 14:58:54


I have a 15mth old baby and would love to meet up with some mums, whats happening mummies?

Happyshopper Mon 27-Apr-09 16:06:24

Hi Urbanbabe

Where do you live. How you fixed for a week Monday at 2? Any idea on where to meet?

Happyshopper Wed 06-May-09 21:22:18


Anyone free to meet on Monday 11th in South Manchester somewhere? I've got a 15 month old ds so he will be coming along. Would be nice to have a chat smile

Queenoftheharpies Wed 20-May-09 10:25:50

Hello again.

Did you have your meetup yet? If not, how about bank holiday monday (25th)?

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