Looking for childcare in Urmston area for 2.5 days p/w

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cheekychopsmum Mon 30-Jun-08 12:59:07

Hi, I am due to return to work in Sept and haven't started to look for childcare for my 7 month old. I don't know whether I want a childminder or a nursery. Any recomendations?? Many thanks

leo69 Tue 08-Jul-08 13:13:59

Hi, I am a childminder but also trained as a nursery nurse.I had this conversation with a mum a few wks ago ('looking for a childminder ashton on mersey area')As I said to her I have worked in both areas and think that for a small baby that a childminder is best. Nursery nurses in private nurseries don't have to be qualified or experienced(cheaper pay)My oppinion of course.

shellchildminder Thu 28-Aug-08 13:12:31

Hi im a registered childminder based in the radcliffe (manchester) area. I have a vacany and would be happy to provide you with childcare.
My opinion is childminders are better due to the child getting more one to one care and they are also in a home enviroment and most childminders work out cheaper than nursery's, again thats my opinion.
If you are interesed or just want to ask me some questions you can e - mail me on shell014@yahoo.co.uk

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