Mother and Baby Swimming/ Adult and Toddler groups in North Manchester?

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monika78 Sat 15-Sep-07 23:51:46

Any ideas where they do Mother and Baby swimming? We used to go to Abraham Moss in Crumpsall but just found out Surestart stopped funding and it's finished.
Also, the Adult and Toddler group we used to go to is also finished, for the same reasons.
It's really sad, one minute there is lots to do and then the funds run out and basically I have no idea what to do with my 2-year old in the week.
Any suggestions please?

vicky11 Thu 31-Jan-08 11:06:10

Besses children children's centre in Whitefield have some great groups. It is attached to Bessies primary school. They have 'soft play on weds morning 9.30-11.15 for 1- 4 year olds. Which is great but very busy so you have to book. They run something everyday so you're best looking at what suits you!! Haven't got the number to hand but I'm sure it's in the phone book!! I think there is other similar venues in Bury. We also go to 'Jo jingles' in prestwich and 'messy monsters' in prestwich. A bit more expensive but worth it!!! bessies only charge £1 and they get a drink and fruit!!

BecAndAlex Sat 09-Feb-08 12:05:16

They do mother and baby swimming at Broughton baths every weekday from 12-1 but it isn't instructor led. They also do it at North City Leisure centre in Harpurhey on a Tuesday 1-2, but again not instructor led.

Broughton has a heated pool though so may be a better option. North City is run by Sure Start. I have taken my little boy there and he manged okay even though it was cold and he is 13 weeks. Only downfall is that the changing facilities are not good if your baby can't sit up un aided. You have to lie them on the floor!!

urbanbabe Tue 15-Jul-08 18:05:46

North city that is where sure start have moved to, thats in Blackley opp Asdas.

shhhh Sun 03-Aug-08 21:27:29

waterbabies is a good bet. Our class is northwest and weekly. Its a bit pricy BUT imo worth it and allows you to get to know other mums.
There should be a class local to you x

bhk3 Sun 17-Aug-08 19:13:34

hi there my dd is 6 months old. i really have no idea wats going on in north manchester as i live here. can anybody give me any idea.

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