Best groups for socialising with new baby Urmston

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BecciCorni Fri 31-Jul-15 18:51:00

My little lady is a month old and dad goes back to work on Monday so I figured I should bite the bullet and go to some groups to meet other mums, any recommendations on nice friendly ones? Thanks,
Becci (and Elizabeth!)

Smp2410 Sun 02-Aug-15 00:29:53

I had my little boy in January & was in exactly the same position as you.
The best group I found was baby sensory at the soccer dome place opposite the chill factor- I wouldn't say I made any great friends but it got me out of the house!unfortunately most of the ladies I chatted to started going back to work ��so I stopped going but I'm glad I went.
It wasn't particularly cheap either but unless the classes are at the library or the baby massage a St Mary's (your health visitor may of mentioned this one) there all about £5-6 a class.
Also don't expect your little lady to get much out of the class to start with (or at lest look like she is).My son spend most of it either asleep,crying or feeding!the best bit was the bit before,the break & after when I chatted to the other mums-I could give or take the actual class to be honest!!
If you fancy taking your baby swimming at any point & want to go with someone let me know as I've realised its a lot easier when there is more then one adult around!

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