Moving from Salford Quays to... where? I need your help

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androullouda Fri 29-May-15 12:25:13

Hello All,

We have been living in Salford Quays since 2008 (we own a house), but will soon have to move in search of better schools for our 27-month daughter. She will be starting primary school in Sept 2017 (it will soon creep up!) and from a quick look on Ofsted and, the schools around our area are not that good.
We love Salford Quays though, with the close proximity to the Lowry, BBC MediaCity, Longford Park, Trafford Centre, great links to the city centre etc., and I was wondering if you can suggest an area to move in that is going to offer us the options of things to do, plus good schools.

Looking for a 4-bed semi with around £400k as our budget.

We are Greek-Cypriots so not familiar with other areas around Manchester. Ideally we'd like to be somewhere with good transport links to the city, as we have friends and family visiting throughout the year and it's convenient for them to hop on the tram/bus to go shopping smile

Thanks in advance for your insights ladies!

thismum Fri 29-May-15 12:35:15

You could probably get somewhere on the Stretford side of Longford Park, good schools.

Nik2015 Fri 05-Jun-15 20:21:32

Didsbury every time, great transport links. Tram, train and buses. Houses are expensive though, but it's a gorgeous place to live.

peacypops Sun 07-Jun-15 19:09:18

Agree that there are some lovely roads around Longford Park; Kenwood, Ryebank, Norwood. Gets you in Trafford catchment too I think (so good for high schools too). Didsbury lovely and good for primary but not so much for secondary (if you thinking long term). Saying that I think Parrs Wood has improved loads in recent years. There is also Sale and Timperley which both have really nice parts and good transport links, schools etc.

androullouda Sun 07-Jun-15 21:20:38

Thank you ladies, your suggestions are very helpful smile I will start looking xx

itsahen Mon 08-Jun-15 22:58:00

Didsbury every time. 4 bed semi is around your budget. All schools are excellent. Parrswood high is now excellent and still improving. Loads of families that are non UK nationals add to the mix. Every thing you could ask for within 0.4 miles

androullouda Tue 09-Jun-15 22:23:19

With regards to Didsbury, are there specific roads I should be looking for? Or East vs West Dibsbury?

itsahen Wed 10-Jun-15 18:35:53

Why not visit all the schools and decide which order you would like them. Then move within 0.4 miles of your first choice? Manchester LA admissions distances for this year are on their web site. You'll struggle to get a drive and garden in west but houses are lovely. East is cheaper. Central is very convenient but lots of houses are smaller.,,

itsahen Wed 10-Jun-15 18:39:47

West to East you have Cavendish, West didsbury CofE free school, Beaver Rd, Didsbury CofE, St. Catherines RC, Broadoak.
Bit nearer Withington are Ladybarn, St Paul's . Mix of old and new schools, big and small, faith or not

androullouda Wed 10-Jun-15 19:19:44

Itsahen you are a gem, thank you!

itsahen Wed 10-Jun-15 20:14:34

Your welcome. There are a whole range of good schools - all are good or outstanding ofsted. I have friends in all of them and everyone is happy with where they are. The housing is West, Central and East is different, so that will be whatever your taste / priority is etc. All are within minutes of the tramlines. Train is in East. Buses are every few min to town. Airport is 15-20 mins

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