Moving to Manchester - suggestions of family friendly places in the south please!

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SopHEF26 Sun 15-Feb-15 18:04:47

Hi there, My husband, one year old and I are moving to Manchester and we're looking for somewhere to rent in mid/South Manchester that is within a 40min commute (public transport) of the university. Does anybody have any suggestions as to where is nice for families to live? I was wondering if anyone knew what Levenshulme is like? Prices there seem to be much more affordable but researching as to why brings up very mixed messages as to whether it is safe or not! Any help would be really appreciated!

Victorianbeaut Mon 16-Feb-15 14:04:28

try a little bit further out from Levenshulme, say Heaton Chapel, much better.

itsahen Mon 16-Feb-15 15:33:04

House prices are totally reflective of the popularity of the schools and areas. Didsbury and West Didsbury villages have everything a young family could ever want but you pay the price. The Heatons are also lovely with good schools but a bit less in terms of public transport links. What are your priorities and budgets?

SopHEF26 Mon 16-Feb-15 16:23:09

Thank you so much for your replies. In an ideal world we would like to be within a 40min public transport commute of the University and need to pay no more than £600 a month as looking at what's available we will more than likely need to move into an unfurnished place and if so we will need to buy everything from scratch as we are currently in furnished. I'm not really sure which areas if any are within that budget though. Above everything our main priority is living in a safer area but I'm not sure where to avoid? Thank you very much for your help!

itsahen Mon 16-Feb-15 16:37:24

A lot of areas that previously got very bad reputations 10-15 years ago are totally fine now. Areas like Whalley range, moss side, Hulme, Fallowfieldare full of young families who can't afford the more expensive areas. Chorlton and Stretford too. There are a lot of new builds and good schools. Very multicultural and lots of people who work at the universities and hospitals live there. Spitting distance of the universities. Why not start looking there then move again once you have a real feel for the city? I know loads of people who live in those areas with no issues at all.

Victorianbeaut Tue 17-Feb-15 10:00:43

itsahen I disagree that you can blanket Whalley Range,Moss side, Hulme & fallowfield as 'Totally fine now'. Are you a landlord?

I wouldn't recommend any family move to Moss side, full stop.

The other areas above have had bad reputations going back for much longer than 15 years, and they haven't suddenly become better areas in the last 10-15 years. Yes there are pockets of improvement in Hulme but its mainly student/rentals. Fallowfield is mainly for Students. Whalley range may have pockets of reasonable streets to live on but you would have to choose carefully. All these areas have longstanding problems and crime issues - there are better places to live for the same money.

You can't really lump Chorlton in with that group, most of it is expensive and sought after, there maybe some parts on the Chorlton borders that may be a little rough/cheaper . Stretford has not changed a great deal in 30 years, I think its a safe place to live in general and many live there because of the good schools within Trafford. I've noticed more middle class type families moving to Stretford in the last few years as they have been priced out of areas like Chorlton/Didsbury/Heaton Mersey, Urmston etc.

Up to a 40 min commute requirement gives you A LOT of options, I'd stay away from the inner city areas and look further out where prices are more reasonable, family orientated and away from the crime hotspots.

Family friendly areas - I would suggest Sale, Timperley, Altrincham (All Metrolink) Urmston, Flixton, Cheadle, Edgeley, Heaton Chapel, Davenport.

Robotwars Tue 17-Feb-15 10:09:30

I totally agree with victorian. Also try Stretford and northenden for something a bit more affordable.

itsahen Tue 17-Feb-15 10:56:41

My experience is based on lots of people I know living in these areas with no problems at all. Yes they are more socially deprived and racially mixed but they are not crime and drug ridden hell holes. You are as likely to get broken into and car jacked in Didsbury & the nicer bits of Chorlton. For people looking to be near the university and town, it's worth considering that's all. I am not a landlord but a very long term Manchester resident

itsahen Tue 17-Feb-15 12:35:25

The upside to living close to town is a 2 or 3 bed family house within 2 miles of work for 600 pounds a month or less. Don't forget that a 2-3 mile bus ride can take 40m at rush hour. Fares are not cheap

Zampa Thu 19-Feb-15 17:22:56

I moved from South London to Altrincham about 9 months ago and love it. It's busy enough for me not to miss London too much and green enough for me to be glad I moved. Fairly affordable and good schools. It takes me 50 minutes to commute via tram from my house to central Manchester.

Victorianbeaut Fri 20-Feb-15 00:14:21

Yes it's very convenient living near town if you work there, but when kids get to school age most will want to be further out, in a decent area with good schools.

I know crime is high in Chorlton, burglaries etc, due to proximity to problematic neighbouring area's! Car jackings though, where does that happen itsahen???

Altrincham is great but most of it is hugely expensive for us northerners.

itsahen Mon 16-Mar-15 16:41:08

Just seen this. Over the years there have been incidents of people having car doors opened and bags nicked from front seats etc and the odd car jacking - last me I saw was in Gatley (decent area). The latest data shows bits of Salford to be the most crime ridden

thecatisout Wed 06-May-15 12:33:11

Hi we are also looking to move to machester south, and windered how you got on. We need good secondaryin walking distance lical shop and good high street. Stuff for teens - bowling - decent park again walking distance. We have £270 but need 4 beds - work not an issue. Where do we look. Please

thecatisout Wed 06-May-15 12:34:39

Whats macclesfield and glossop like?

nockneedanknackered Wed 06-May-15 19:43:32

you have probably moved by now, but I note nobody has mentioned north Manchester.
whitefield is 20 minutes from Manchester via the tram.
plenty of schools and nice estates, though there are some, housing association run, to avoid.
anybody worried by local crime can contact the local police neighbourhood team at the local police station and ask them for the crime figures for the area.

Victorianbeaut Wed 06-May-15 23:04:26

Nock, probably because the thread is titled 'south' Manchester.

paddington50 Mon 11-May-15 17:25:17

East Didsbury is within your budget, really near Parrswood complex which has bowling, cinema etc, short walk to Didsbury Village and of course right near the Met tram stop which is great for teens as they can get around. My kids love living here. Some of the houses of Burnage lane have 4 beds, although the 4th is a box room. Pretty safe area too. Good luck with your search.

m6northbound Sun 17-May-15 12:56:34

Hello - we're moving to Manchester in the next few months too, so I was interested to read this thread. We don't know the area really, so we're looking to rent initially - will have to buy quite soon as DD is three and will have to apply for school places in rthe September - January window. We like the Altrincham/Hale/Bowdon area, mostly because it seems a nice place and judging by what we've been told and OFSTED, the schools seem very good. We have a nursery place in Altrincham, so we're thinking of renting there, but I would be really grateful if anyone could give us any insights on a few things we can't work out!

The main issues are:

- does anyone know how feasible it would be to do a nursery drop-off in Altrincham, then park in the centre and catch a tram into town? DH will be working in the Deansgate area.
- is there anyone with experience of childminders who could pick up from a local nursery?
- does anyone know what the drive would be like from Altrincham to and from the Uni/Oxford Rd hospitals? I've been told various versions here, ranging from 45 minutes or so if you set off at 7.45, through to an hour and a quarter if you're lucky.

All help/suggestions will be very gratefully received - we are doing our best to research the areas, but if there is any local knowledge you can share, please do!

Thanks in anticipation.

itsahen Tue 19-May-15 16:37:32

People do do the nursery drop to town journey - depends on timings. A friend leaves work early at 4.39 otherwise she can't always get on if to get home by 6. The met is very busy. Drive will vary massively by time and whether it's uni term times etc.

opalfire Thu 21-May-15 23:12:00

Hi M6north. We live in Hale and are happy with our choice. Re getting into town by tram it's fine. You can park in a car park right next to Altrincham station for £3 all day then get the tram. I've been parking at about 7.45am and there's plenty of space. My husband used to commute to the University and left at about 7.50 to comfortably be in before 9am. It is nose to tail and frustrating in parts but it's the same whichever suburb you're coming in from. When he worked in Central Manchester he found various sort cuts. Out of the rush hour it's about 20 mins.
There are lots of excellent state primary schools in the area and a couple of preps. We still have the Grammar system which suits some, but we also have much sought-after alternatives such as Wellington School. House prices are much higher than many other parts of Manchester as a result. Timperley is a bit cheaper and also on the tram.
On the down side if you've had a look round you'll have seen the dire state of Altrincham town centre. Lots of empty shops. There's still a Rackhams, M&S and Debenhams but also IMO too many pound shops. They're trying to regenerate, starting with the market but it may take a while! Hale village is still thriving and nice for eating out, and Hale Barns has just been renovated with a new Booths supermarket. I don't know about child minders picking up from private nurseries but there were always plenty picking up from the school nurseries. School secretaries are often good to ask. Of you decide to have a 2nd and have time as a SAHM there are loads of play groups and activities.

When we came up, Altrincham was far nicer than Wilmslow. Now I think it's the other way round. It may be another area to consider. There's no tram but there is a train and I suspect it's about the same commute to the Uni. Just a thought!

thedoulaelement Fri 22-May-15 13:36:58

We love Lyme Park and Dunham Massey.

mandy214 Mon 15-Jun-15 16:14:32

Might be a little late, have only just seen the post, but agree with everything Opal says. You'll just have to check the opening times of nurseries - some only open at 7.45 or 8am.

The tram is busy in the evening (between 4.30-6.30 but then quietens down) but I've never had an issue getting on - the only time it was jam packed and uncomfortable was when Manchester United were playing at home (usually the European matches).

The reason for posting is that my daughter went to nursery in Altrincham and although I don't know about childminders picking up from nursery, there were one or two nursery ladies who had a private arrangement with parents to take a child home when they finished at 5pm / 5.30pm or whatever. That might be worth exploring.

halemummy5 Tue 23-Jun-15 12:21:48

Whilst I live in Hale and love it, it is still a 45 minute commute in to town. I have friends that live in East Didsbury whose journey in on the tram is 30 minutes. Also the house prices are cheaper. There are good schools, local childminders that pick up from the village schools (she uses one) and plenty going on for the children.

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