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Shelly65 Tue 18-Nov-14 09:56:53

Hi I am currently undergoing a BIA course at a local university and have been tasked with completing an assignment of which i am really struggling to get started with and cope with. The hand in date is 5th December and I am now on study day 2 and panic is not word. Any help will be gratefully appreciated.

I have been given a case study which i will describe shortly and the question based on this case study is: -

i) With reference to the scenario and utilising relevant literature and case law describe and critically analyse the DOLS process.

ii) Consider how you would go about undertaking the DOLS BIA role and who would you involve. Explain and provide a rationale for decisions made?


- older lady (88) diagnosis of vascular dementia, osteoporosis, hypertension and diabetes
- placed in care home 2 years ago prior lived with daughter and son in law. unable to cope due to increasing care needs
- placement is funded by LA and as such is pereodically reviewed by LA.
- Upon admission client was consulted and involved in the decision to move into care home. appeared to be happy because of catholic ethos of the home and the opportunity for her to receive mass from visiting priest.
- is content and has formed good friendships with three other residents, enjoys social activities planned by both home and family
- more lucid in the am but ability to retain verbal information is limited. frequently expresses the belief that she is residing in the marital family home with husband who RIP 10 years ago.
- approximately 2/3 days per month will become increasingly agitated, shouting and trying to stand up resulting in care staff administering PRN medication. (lorazepam)
- assessed as being at a high risk of falls and as such care staff use a wheelchair with a lap-belt to support moving round the home. Additionally due to the falls risk most of the day is spent sat in a bucket chair in the main lounge.
- visited by daughter and son-in-law weekly and they are supportive that placement is in best interests.
- Son however visits weekly and feels that the use of medication is inappropriate and that behaviour could be managed by 1:1 support.
- The care home manager has attended an MCA awareness course and on her return completes an urgent DOLS authorisation.

The course consisted of 5 university days spread out ofer 9 weeks and now I am totally panicking as no idea where to start and what to start reading first etc. Not to mention the Kids!!!

Thanks in advance.

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