Fear of robbers

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Itsfabupnorth Wed 15-Oct-14 11:19:12

My DS who is 8 has developed a real fear in the evening of robbers, basically won't go anywhere in the house without someone else coming with or waiting at bottom of stairs for him if he has to go up for something. Neither of my elder girls had this. Have done all the obvious, locked doors, we have a dog.. but it is getting worse. Anyone else experienced this?

opalfire Wed 07-Jan-15 23:20:48

Not sure if you're still struggling with this but as a child of about that age I developed a fear of fire. Everywhere I went I'd be subtly checking out fire escapes and couldn't sit in the same room as someone ironing. For many, many nights I'd take a blanket and pillow and creep into my mum's room to sleep on her floor. I did eventually grow out of it but if the same thing happened to my DC nowadays and it went on for months I'd probably try seeing my GP. I know friend's DC who had 1::1 counselling at home that was helpful. Good luck.

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