Nurseries / Preschools in and around Altrincham

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kbradshaw Wed 17-Sep-14 09:35:15

Hi everyone,

My daughter turns three this week so she'll be eligible for her 15 hours a week from January. Can anyone recommend a nursery or preschool in/around Altrincham for her? She's never been to nursery before; I'm just looking for somewhere she can socialise and learn/play in a relaxed environment. I work from home so I'm quite flexible about sessions (full days, half days etc).

Homeland, Juice, St. Vincent's and Narnia don't have any spaces so I've booked to see a few others including Holyrood Altrincham and Woodlands in Timperley. I'm also going to see Mrs Robert's Class in Broadheath but the hours are 2-5pm for Early Years funding and I'm not sure that's going to work for us (I have a little boy and I'd like to time preschool with his naps so I can get some work done!).

Any insight you may have about any nurseries / preschools, good or bad would be greatly appreciated!

Thank you smile

mandy214 Tue 25-Nov-14 10:45:07

Sorry, only just seen this message. I haven't heard great things about Holyrood (but have no personal experience at all, just kind of general perception) but our next door neighbours used Woodlands and were extremely happy with it (and the children loved it too).

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