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ammel19 Thu 13-Mar-14 23:11:51


Just wondering if anyone had any experience of living in Levenshulme?

We're looking at buying a house in the West Point/Rushford Park conservation area. It wasn't an area I'd considered before and we were looking in the Heatons but having seen how much more house we can get for the money we're tempted by Levenshulme! I also know a few friends of friends who have moved there recently and keep hearing that it's going to be the new Chorlton! There are a couple of nice trendy cafes and a popular market so I think it would't be such a bad place to live and the conservation area is beautiful.

My main concern is schools. It will be 3 years until we need to worry about primary schools but would be grateful if anyone had any insight!


itsahen Mon 17-Mar-14 18:26:47

I know a few who have moved their fif the same reasons. Arcasias is good school and there is the new free school - no idea about the rest but have a good look first. Nearest High schools are single sex so consider that too. The upside is that its handy for town too

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