Do I appeal?Altrincham pry schools

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Diamante01 Wed 12-Mar-14 22:31:08

Hi Mum's,
I just bought a house in Altrincham particularly because of the schools reputation in the area. I applied to Trafford city council in Jan for an in year application for my boy. That application was withdrawn because I had not completed the paper work for my house move. I chose stamford park, Bollin and Bowden cause they are the schools that surround me. I have also registered in the prep school and they are currently full so just put him on the waiting list.

After paying so much to live in the area, trafford city council has come back to say they only have spaces in broadheath and navigation primary school.A bit distance from my house (WA15). I have checked the schools out on locrating they are good but not outstanding schools.

Do i appeal against the decision?My boy is still schooling in sheffield area
What do I do?

fierynortherner Thu 27-Mar-14 13:12:33

Yes I think you should appeal, in most circumstances, not all allocated places are taken up. You should have a good chance, good luck, keep us posted.

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